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So many tears

Here I am, crying again about sports just two days after I did it for the Stanley Cup.

Matt Cain pitched a perfect game. He's always been the Giant I've loved the most even though I never talk about him (except to comment on whether he's fat or not; not fat right now, btw). I talk about the people who are more interesting to talk about. :P I get even more emotional thinking about how rough things used to be for him, when he'd give up 1 or 2 runs and get stuck with the loss. Yes, he was the Jonathan Quick of the Giants. That's why I was so happy for him when he pitched those amazing games during the 2010 playoffs (his ERA was 0). And that's why I'm so happy for him tonight.

He pitched the very first Giants game I ever went to, striking out like 8 guys (tonight he struck out a career high 14) and helping the Giants win despite a shitty defense. I've had a soft spot for him ever since then. :) Man, it was so fucking great to see the guys in the outfield just diving/jumping for fly balls to preserve the perfect game. I don't know if Gregor Blanco makes that catch if it isn't a perfect game or no hitter in the balance.

I have a new favourite restaurant in SF, finally ousting The House after 10 years! It's Bistro Central Parc, this amazing little French restaurant. We had steak tartare for the appetizer, then I had the foie gras on filet mignon and guys, it was so good that I literally teared up when I tried the first bite. Alex had the lamb loin and it was incredibly good too.

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