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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Logan Couture

Logan was always truly in love with him, not Devin

I wonder if he sought comfort from Donuts over the pain of having his OTP broken up.

It took me a while to realize he meant "ditto" and not that he's a Dido fan.

I like how he immediately proceeds to make fun of Demers.

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I never understood why people say Couture is boring on Twitter - he's so delightful to me! My personal favourite is still the time he laments going to the aquarium with McGinn on Valentine's Day and they got mistaken for being a couple...and then decided he needed to Tweet about it. ;)

Most of what he posts seems to be Drake lyrics haha. Was that McGinn he had the Valentine's Day date with? I remember one if them tweeted a photo of a shark. I think Logan might have gone to a romantic movie with Brent Burns at some point during the season.

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