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TV cancellations and renewals

Everything I watch has either been renewed or cancelled for sure at this point. Overall, this was a much better season for TV (as far as new shows go) than last year.


Charlie's Angels: They should have looked at Hawaii Five-0 for the right way to reboot a cheesy TV show.

Missing: This is a fun little show! But I think it just didn't get promoted enough or something. It would probably have done well on CBS.

Pan Am: Dumb idea for broadcast TV when even Mad Men, which is a critical darling and is the standard to which a '60s-set show would be held has terrible ratings. I enjoyed it more than I thought it would have though, because the main characters were so different and I liked them all (especially Colette).

The River: This was fun! I liked the horror anthology idea where they dedicated each episode to a different myth or legend. I think it would actually do pretty well on SyFy as it seems like it could be made pretty cheaply and would appeal to SyFy viewers.

Ringer: It was good enough to keep watching, but I can't say I'm going to miss this one. I think it would have been good as a self-contained one season miniseries.

The Secret Circle: I'm surprised that this was the show the CW cancelled and not Nikita or Hart of Dixie. I actually quite enjoyed it, but that's more to do with the story than liking any of the characters. Faye is perhaps the only one I liked, and mostly because I love her sarcastic remarks. I'm okay with this; it's like The Vampire Diaries except I like that show more.

Alcatraz: Wah. This was the most interesting of the new high-concept TV shows to me.

Terra Nova: Like I said before, '80s TV wrapped up in dinosaur CGI. Then it gets interesting. In the last five minutes of the last episode of the season.

The Finder: I have a soft spot for this one! It reminded me a lot of The Unusuals... which was also cancelled after half a season.

Awake: I was not interested in the premise of the show at first and only watched because of the kid who plays the son (who was on Saving Grace and was Jack's fake son on Lost) and then the wife, who I recognized as Lily from The 4400. I thought it was going to be hopelessly depressing because either his wife is dead or his son is dead, but to him he still has them both, just not at the same time. Also, the score is so freaking good! It improves the show greatly, hehe.

The Playboy Club: A fun little stupid show, but the concept was doomed from the beginning.

Prime Suspect: I liked this a lot, actually, but no chance for it to work on NBC. Maybe CBS.


Revenge: What can I say? I love a good revenge story. And Emily and Victoria are so good in their roles, especially Victoria.

Once Upon a Time: Well, having watched the season finale, the show at least has the possibility of going somewhere not completely crappy. I think I'm used to all of the ways in which it's terrible at this point so I just expect them now. Also, I'm rooting for Rumpelstiltskin and Regina as they both come up with new and terrible ways to ruin everyone's lives because all of the good guys are simpering idiots!

Person of Interest: This is great. The story is almost as interesting Alcatraz and the execution is a lot better. I don't know how involved Abrams is with this project, but there are great moments of comic relief and endearing character quirks in addition to the sci-fi plot stuff.

Hart of Dixie: This is Men in Trees meets Gilmore Girls set in Alabama. I don't watch a lot of sweet shows, so I appreciate that this was renewed. Lemon is so great in this.

Touch: Complete schmaltz, but I'm okay with that (I watch The Biggest Loser after all). I would prefer to have seen Alcatraz, The Finder or even Terra Nova renewed over this, but oh well. I can understand that it has broader appeal. Besides, Fringe was renewed, and I don't mind those other shows being cancelled even if it's just for a shortened 5th season.

Grimm: I was unenthused about this concept, but I figured if they do the whole dark, original fairy tale thing it might be worth watching. Instead it was just kind of bizarre and monster of the week and everything has an unpronounceable German name and isn't necessarily clearly related to a popular fairy tale. All of the characters seemed bland. But then as the show went on, they added an interesting mythology, two of the main characters developed a really fun chemistry and they made the fiancee cooler and added a great new female character and I like it a lot now! :)

There's some shows that I liked a lot, (American Horror Story, Revenge, Person of Interest) but nothing I can say that I totally love as much as, say, Justified.

Anything good coming up in the summer? :D

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