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Where am I? Oh that's right, at work

It is 1 AM. I am at work. Working. Eep. I should have made a run for it at 8.30, then I wouldn't have been around at 9 when Chip asked me to test the company website. :P

Wonderful weather this past weekend. Went roaming around with my sister's friend and her colleagues, all of them from Singapore. Immersion galore! Apparently I haven't lost my Singaporean accent at all, as they commented that I don't have an American "slang". By slang they mean accent. But accent means accent. Singaporean English, or "Singlish" as it's known, is a beautiful thing. And most people in the US think I don't have an accent, so looks like I'm keeping the two nice and separate. Mission accomplished.

So much Thorty goodness on Shark Byte yesterday. As usual, didn't hear a thing he said the first time. :P A lot of Teemu too. I really like him, but no, he's not hot. Even when he's all pissy and stuff. Just ... no. I think it's the fact that he was a kindergarten teacher.

I turn into a sobbing mess everytime there is a mention of CS that is either happy or sad, or anything involving him and his daughter. It terrifies Chip. But he terrifies me with his Khabi impressions so I guess we're even. CS must be one of those "old souls". Somebody who's been reincarnated a gazillion times.

It makes me feel all melty inside (like ebola!) that Chip likes the Sharks too, even though they sucked this season. And he seems to have renounced his like of the Avs. *giggle*
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