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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Hockey on TV!

Ahh, did anyone watch House this week? The patient was a hockey player called... Hatcher! Muahaha. He was an enforcer and they showed some game footage between two fictional teams, except that one team was the Canucks with different logos and the other was the... Caps? Sens? They were in their whites so it was hard to tell. They filmed it at the Ducks rink but they only got enough extras for half of the lower bowl LOL. There were so many shots where you could see the upper bowl was completely empty.

I've seen some hockey stuff on that show but I don't know who's responsible for it. Odette Annable is married to David Annable, who's a goalie and a Devils fan, but it probably isn't her/him...

There was also an extended hockey reference on The Secret Circle involving the Canucks; a detailed description of a play involving Kesler, hehe. Probably because they film in Vancouver.

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it cracks me up when they cheap out for crowd scenes, frankly the NHL would likely let them film an actual team during an actual game.

In this case it was supposed to be a minor league game, so maybe the small crowd sorta' makes sense, but it must have been expensive to use the Pond as a shooting location! Although I don't know what other choice they had.

That episode of House was pretty intense with the hot-button issues in hockey today, I enjoyed it. Plus he grew boobs.

I like that the script actually went somewhat deep into details about hockey and didn't sound idiotic, haha.

I totally knew that kid was hired by House though. :P

Ha, that excited me, that they didn't automatically make hockey a stupid game, I feel like that's rare on American TV.

Hahahahaha, I have no f'n idea why I didn't know that! I was just expecting the kid to be harboring a secret heroin addiction or something.

Yeah, it usually ends up being something like Youngblood LOL.

Well, the whole thing with liking prosciutto and goat cheese was very suspicious, like he had been COACHED or something.

lol, oh god, I haven't seen that movie in forever and ever.

I'm the weirdo who thought "what a creep! he's stalking him!" but duh now I see how obvious it was.

It was such a bizarre interpretation of hockey. Sudden Death might have been more accurate. :P

That was a WEIRD kid, all right.

When they mentioned the Canucks and Kesler on The Secret Circle it took me a moment or two to realize that I had actually heard them correctly.

I didn't know you watched that too! I like that show a lot considering I don't really like any of the characters. Maybe Faye.

dude! i have not watched house in foreeeever, but for some reason i did, and it cracked me up! i thought of you.

I thought all of the hockey stuff was great, haha! One of the head writers must be a hockey fan or something. I think Park is so funny! She reminds me of people I know from Singapore or something.

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