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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So bad it's good

Thanks to everyone who answered my poll! I've been to NYC and was... underwhelmed, haha. DC and the Northwest sound the most interesting to me because there's stuff to do and good public transportation. From what I've heard I'd need a car to get around Phoenix and I don't drive. :P I do totally want to go to the Harry Potter theme park at some point but only with other people (same with Hawaii).

So... DC or the Northwest. Hmm!

I keep watching Once Upon a Time even though it's horrible and for a while I was thinking it was because of the slim chance that it might get better, but it's actually because it's so bad now that it's entertaining to see how bad it will be. Kind of like Frankenfish and other SyFy original movies. That being said, the first 45 minutes of the Heart of Darkness episode were enjoyable, and I really liked the Wonderland episode. The worst parts of the show are without doubt anything with Snow White and Charming in them, not because I don't like them together - I like both characters and they're kind of sweet together - but because it's so predictable that they will kind of get back together and then something arbitrary happens and they're broken up again. This has happened about 12 times so far in the series I think.

But then Sunday night's episode was completely horrible. Previously the Dreamy/Grumpy and Nova episode and the Beauty and the Beast ones were more or less tied for complete stinkers but this one put them to shame.

SPOILER ALERT! So it's finally revealed why Regina hates Snow White so much, why she decided to curse THE ENTIRE WORLD and why she's framing Snow White for murder and repeatedly breaking up her relationship with Charming etc. etc.

When Snow White was TEN YEARS OLD, she was manipulated by Regina's mommy into revealing that Regina was in love with the stable boy.


So... Regina amasses all this power, kills her own father, performs other heinous acts, etc. because she wants to take vengeance against something Snow White did when she was TEN YEARS OLD. And it's not even like it was a malicious thing. Regina's mommy played into Snow White's angst over losing her own mommy and implies that she'll do anything for Regina's happiness and makes Snow White think that she'll totally support Regina marrying the stable boy and they won't have to live life on the run so Snow White tells her.

But apparently this is such an UNFORGIVABLE thing for a TEN YEAR OLD to do that Regina has to spend her entire life plotting her revenge against Snow White.


I mean, yes the mommy then went and killed the stable boy. But this is kind of like plotting revenge against someone because they told your friend there was a sale at Old Navy and they got hit by a car while they were on their way there.

I watch and like a lot of dumb TV (like 90210 and Frankenfish and Harper's Island) and this is the dumbest reveal I have ever seen. This show could be even dumber than Supernatural (which isn't actually that dumb, just not as smart as it pretends to be)!

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YES!!! Worst character motivation ever LOL. What an idiotic TV show.

I AM SUPER JUDGING MY MOM NOW. Just yesterday she told me that the show has finally gotten good again. OH MOM.

Well, the fans of the show kind of mystify me in general because it seems so obviously terrible. :P As in, you can predict they the next terrible, illogical thing that's going to happen, and then it happens. Maybe that's my problem, I'm too good at predicting what's going to happen. ;) I liked the Wonderland episode though.

I looooved the quick peek I got at seattle! me and my sis might go back at some point :D

it was dark by the time we went downtown but the whole over all feel was just nice and the way it smelled and looked, it has a nice vibe :) and I went to an insanely expensive seafood place that I didn't have to pay for and thats always lovely :)

I like the way the shore is there. I want to visit the oean there the most, like the coast line!!

We decided to go to DC, but at some point i do want to visit. Maybe for just the weekend, which is totally doable given that it's such a short flight!

Woot, my poll vote made the final two! You have to travel this month, right? Would you be traveling during the week or a weekend?

Also, I sekritly love Once Upon A Time. I mean, I miss a lot of eps but if I'm channel surfing on Sunday night, it hooks me again ...

I have to complete travel by May 7th. I'll probably try to "sandwich" a weekend by going Thursday to Monday or something like that. Would you guys be interested in catching a game if I go to DC? (Sorry, I have no idea how close that is to where you live.)

Once Upon a Time is fun to watch in the sense that there are fun costumes and settings and good acting for the most part, but the way the story is executed and where it's heading is just so flawed. That's why I liked the Wonderland episode which was mostly self-contained.

Yeah we're about 40 mins from DC and I work in the metro area. Would definitely be up for a game and a visit!

I have to work the last weekend in April but the nats are out of town anyway. I'm assuming the 21st is too soon for you and maybe you're looking at the first weekend in may?

Eek! We actually picked the last weekend of April. I should have checked the schedule first. :( Would you be able to get lunch/dinner or something?

I could do lunch in bethesda during the week, Saturday I'll be tabling at a vet conference and sunday I'll be on call but could be available midday.
Also, the As are in Baltimore if you want to see a game!
Is someone else coning with you?

I'm going with tamiflu. Do you know her? She is a writer of hockey fic but also a baseball fan and a reader of Candle Beck. We'll be there 4/26-4/30.

Nope, I don't know her but am happy to meet a fellow c_b fan!
Assuming you don't want to travel to Baltimore for the A's, do you want to do lunch in DC on Sunday with me and Myr?

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I just booked the hotel LOL. Yes, definitely let's do lunch!!! We're staying in Dupont Circle but near a Metro station so we can go anywhere uhh... also near a Metro station hehe.

Lunch on Sunday it is! I don't think we have any other plans, so let us know what time works for you.

There's a good brunch place called The Mad Hatter near Dupont, if that interests you.

I'll message you with my phone number

I mean, yes the mommy then went and killed the stable boy. But this is kind of like plotting revenge against someone because they told your friend there was a sale at Old Navy and they got hit by a car while they were on their way there. greatest analogy of all time.

I mean lots of art (peyotl place for gods sake) have someone doing something appalling because of something they THINK another person knows, but a ten year old? seriously? lame.

Robert Carlyle will remain the best part of this then I guess.

And I generally enjoy that stuff! When things all go terribly wrong because of some tragic misunderstanding or whatever. But really, what sense does it make for anyone to take revenge against someone (no matter what age) who they know was trying to do something good that led to something bad happening. At worst you hate the person forever but to devote your entire life to ruining them?

But apparently this makes sense to the fans because there's almost unanimous praise for the episode. Wha?

Robert Carlyle is amazing and his character is amazing but I think a large part of that is his acting. I want a Rumpelstiltskin spin-off. :P


rickenbacker mentioned it and I've heard that it's an interesting place to visit! But I have to complete my travel by 5/7 though. :( Which means it would probably be just you and me. Would you still be up for it? I'll be going to Singapore with Lira so I probably won't go on another summer trip. Or I guess I could as long as work is okay with it. :P


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