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What, NOW you don't want him???

Which arena is the hardest to play in and does it affect your play?
Torrey Mitchell: Chicago and Vancouver are probably the toughest for me to play in.

Which city is your favorite to travel to on a road trip?
Torrey Mitchell: Can I pick two? In that case, my favorite city to travel to would either be Vancouver or Chicago.

Oh, Torrey.

After all the shitty seasons with Alex Smith as QB and everyone wanting to get rid of him, finally he has a great season and this might be the year he actually leaves (to go to the Dolphins). :( Peyton Manning signed with the Broncos (that could be a shit show, but that's another story) but he was also working out with the 49ers which would have meant that Alex would be out. I guess there's a chance now he'll come back, but he might just be like, fuck you all and go off to Miami. (Please come back? Please?)

Hmm, I left this unposted from yesterday and apparently the Dolphins have signed Garrard. I hope he comes back. *puppy dog eyes*

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