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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Logan Couture

Why is Logan Couture dating the ENTIRE TEAM???

First he spent all day in bed with Devin, then he went to the aquarium with McGinn on Valentine's Day and now he's spending Brent Burns' birthday with him eating popcorn at the movies.

At least he doesn't have sleepovers with Donuts anymore. I think.

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It's amazing how much action he gets given his face.

One of the best things about Twitter is how hockey players are constantly slashing themselves and their teammates.

The answer is because Logan Couture is the BEST FOREVER. I knew there was a reason I loved him when he was awkward and seventeen years old - maybe I just somehow knew that he was going to grow up to become an excellent gay man. :D

I think your love for him MADE HIM GAY!!!

Also, I almost picked my Logan Tom icon instead of the Logan Couture one, which could have been confusing. (It's a photo of the back of a girl wearing only a bikini bottom holding a volleyball)

If Huston was still here, I bet he'd have sleepovers with him.

See I was thinking they would totally be BEST FRIENDS but Logan doesn't seem keen on the Giants or A's and he just keeps flirting with Blue Jays on Twitter and coercing them into watching hockey.

LOL I have an LJ tag that says 'hockey players slash themselves' and well, it's true! Logan is just sowing his wild oats XD

I wonder if anyone has ever confronted him with the fact that the most romantic moments of his life have all been with teammates.

every fandom needs a little black dress.

But why one with GIANT HORSE TEETH???

it's hockey! remember Dany Heatley!

*shrieks* I have been blissfully forgetting him so far!

Well...his coach DOES call him COOCH! :(


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