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Sex and hair products

First of all,


*sings birthday song (in tune)*

You are my soulmate, the star of my destiny. *rolls down hills*

Wow, what a game. That was the best we've played against them all season. Conversely, you could say that's the worst they've played against us but that's not true. I think they were better than the previous game where they shut us out 3-0. Meaning ... Sharkies are playing well! Baby!team is doing good! *cuddles them*

And all the goals we scored (including the disallowed one *weeps bitterly*) were Sharks goals. :) And Teemu, why do you do this? You're most likely going to bolt over the summer and now, now you make me like you. You with your pisssiness and resolve. Where was that earlier? Huh? Huh?

Hmm, all my important game observations seem to have deserted me. So I'll talk about sex and hair products instead.

Sex! Thorty, hanging out in rafters again. He looked like a tiny splotch way up there, but I knew it was him. It was a very sexy splotch, a splotch with presence. His sexiness is such that I could just watch him all day. Hmm, so this is how crazed stalkers get started.

Hair products! Whore's hair is looking good, and slightly sculpted. Lira and I think he's been hanging around with Mo too much. *giggle* Big Jason Arnott didn't look as big as I thought he would. Of course, I was expecting a fucking giant, so ... And Hatcher doesn't look like a neanderthal IRL. *clears throat* Mikey Mo was very scruffy. It suits him, he seems so scatterbrained.

Patty and Marco are so very sweet together. Oddly enough, they both had their jerseys tucked in the whole game. And both times Marco scored he was looking for Patty for some love. :) Was talking to Allie about leadership and such, and that's pretty much what the Sharks need to be better than they are now. Thorty really provides it, I think, like his own determination kind of rubs off, but I really want Patty and Marco to do it. Because at the end of it all, they just are Sharks. They need to stop making googly eyes at each other (as much) and think of themselves as leaders, that would be so great for the team.

Speaking of jerseys, Whore's kept getting tucked in by itself during the game. And if he noticed he would pull it out! Exactly the opposite of Petr. It's strangely symbolic. Symbolic of what? I have no idea. :P

Mmm, another beautiful day. Makes me want to run outside and prance and gambol around. Okay, maybe not. But I should get some running around outside done. Ooh!!! I'm supposed to shop for stuff for my sister. I'll walk over to the Marina. *hops*

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