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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

I'm still convinced that JMFJ's little brother maintains his website

Thanks to frala for the list of Blue Jackets (hahaha) people to follow on Twitter!

There are some quick changes to JMFJ's website to de-King it (although the website icon is still of the Kings and the page title still says Los Angeles Kings) including the banner:

Jack Johnson website banner

I seriously am convinced that his 13-year-old brother maintains his website and was working late into the night to create this banner.

Obligatory article about the JMFJ trade in the Columbus Dispatch (hahaha) where they tactfully left out the article about him saying that if the Kings don't want him, he doesn't want them either! (I imagine him crossing his arms and pouting at the end of this statement)

Carter trade nets Blue Jackets young defenseman
By Aaron Portzline
The Columbus Dispatch FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24, 2012 5:38 AM

The Blue Jackets were delighted to unload the lengthy contract of center Jeff Carter yesterday, and general manager Scott Howson — under pressure to reshape the roster after a horrendous season — was doubly thrilled with the return.

Carter was traded to the Los Angeles Kings for defenseman Jack Johnson and a conditional first-round draft pick, shipping out a player who never seemed happy in Columbus for one who said he can’t wait to get to town.

“I’m excited by this,” Johnson said. “I’m excited to go to a team that wants me, and to play in a great sports city.

“I want to be part of the solution there. I know they’ve had some bad breaks and some tough seasons, but it’s going to be great when it turns around. Really, I don’t think there’s anything sweeter in sports than being part of a team when they get it turned around.”

Johnson, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2005 draft, was born in Indianapolis, moved to Michigan when he was 3 and attended the University of Michigan before turning pro in 2006.

He is viewed as a first- or second-line defenseman. He’s big — 6 feet 1, 231 pounds — but has a bit of skill, too. He played on the U.S. team at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

In 61 games with the Kings this season, Johnson had eight goals, 16 assists and a minus-12 rating. His best season was last season, when he had five goals and a career-high 37 assists, playing in all 82 games.

“He’s a potential No. 1 defenseman, in my mind,” Howson said. “He’s a 22- or 23-minute guy. He’s a great skater. He doesn’t tire when he skates.

“I’m excited about (our defense). It has a chance to be a really good NHL defense. We still have some young players back there who are going to get better, but it’s mobile, it’s big, and it’s got some skill.”

Johnson is signed through the 2017-18 season with a $4.36 million salary cap hit.
The conditional draft pick includes an interesting wrinkle.

If the Kings miss the playoffs this spring — they were eighth in the Western Conference as of late last night — the Blue Jackets will get their first-round pick in 2013.

But if the Kings make the playoffs, the Blue Jackets can opt for the first-round pick either in 2012 or 2013. They must notify Los Angeles two picks before they’re on the clock.
“It’s a great piece for us,” Howson said.

It wasn’t long ago that the Blue Jackets thought Carter would solve many of their offensive struggles.

He was acquired on the eve of the 2011 draft in a three-player trade with the Philadelphia Flyers, but went into hiding and required a delegation of Blue Jackets to visit him at his summer home in New Jersey before he spoke publicly.

The Blue Jackets decided to trade him more than a month ago.

“I don’t regret the move. I regret how it worked out,” Howson said of acquiring Carter. “I thought it was the right move at the time, and that’s the nature of pro sports. You’ve got to move on from it.”

Carter is signed for 10 more seasons at a $5.27 million cap hit.

It’s the second trade in two days for Howson, who sent center Antoine Vermette to Phoenix on Wednesday for two draft picks and injured goaltender Curtis McElhinney.

And he’s likely not done yet.

Sources told The Dispatch that the trade of Carter does not impact the Blue Jackets’ willingness to trade captain Rick Nash if they get the right offer.

Yesterday’s trade is contingent on both players passing physicals within 48 hours.
Johnson, who will wear No. 7 for the Blue Jackets, will arrive in town today. He’s expected to make his Blue Jackets debut on Sunday at Pittsburgh.

“This is going to be great,” Johnson said. “I’m a Midwestern boy at heart, and I see this as a great opportunity. I can’t wait to get there and meet the guys.”

The thing about being a Midwestern boy at heart makes me think that he didn't really like living in LA. And he must be really happy to be close to his family and friends in Michigan.

He will probably make his debut in Pittsburgh of all places. No doubt he will spend lots of time with BFF Sidney Crosby and might hang out with him subsequently because they're so near to each other now.

I think Jeff Carter will play well, at least initially. There's always a boost you get right after a big trade. But I feel as if the Kings' problems this season have been locker room issues that were masked by Quick's excellent play. I dunno. Maybe trading Dustin Brown will fix things.

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All hockey trades should be based on love!



It's going to be hard on account of him being in Columbus. I guess people will stop bitching him out for his +/- over there though, haha. I'm listening to a radio interview with him and he sounds pretty positive, which I guess I expected, but he seemed kind of bitter about Lombardi telling him "You've been dealt to Columbus. Kthxbye." I will post links tomorrow, including his fabulous MIDWESTERN shirt which he probably couldn't wear in LA without being made fun of.

Yeah, it should be easier for him to get his groove on in Columbus.

It might sound ridiculous, but I haven't been able to bring myself to read any of the statements he has made or anything like that. MY SOUL HURTS. I think I'll do it some time next week or something.

abby20 said the same thing. I think I realized a few days ago that the Kings basically had nobody else to trade, but they had to make a trade and even though I hoped he wasn't going, I kind of knew that he would. And he knew too because the Kings weren't denying any of the rumours. :(

I just wanted him to be paired with Drew on a regular basis. *sniffle*

oh man that banner is bangin'

It looks like it came straight out of the late '90s.

he's so perfect to be on a red white and blue team with a canon and all USA USA haha.

I've decided to love him now.

and that's been cemented by the fact that he had a shout out to get OSU love from Kes and Not RJ who is his new teammate, mwaha. :D

He keeps desperately trying to get Kesler's attention on Twitter and Kesler keeps ignoring him LOL. His attitude seems to be that even though OSU is a rival college, it's still Big Ten which apparently is at least better than everyone else.

He is entertainingly ridiculous and hilarious.

Oh OSU thinks its better than everyone else ever hahahaha.

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