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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Holy fucking shit!

This is the first time that a hockey game made me cry.

I was so proud I actually cried. Sobbed. Vesa was so freaking good, he made some really tough saves. Our babies all tried so hard. Everyone did. And ... just this season has been so shitty. Just to have a game like this after all that ... ahh crap I'm crying again.

Silly stuff! Announcers called Feds "Anna Kournikova's ex-husband". At a little break, they showed the Wings bench on the Jumbotron, only it wasn't the Wings, it was a bunch of old guys in Wings jerseys! And they were passing a pack of Depends around. *giggle* They showed Stevie and he laughed at it.

Drew called Stevie the "perfect captain". He was slightly beat up and very sexy, as always.

Ahh, lesbian!!! Such a pretty goal! And he went to hug Zalesak after his goal, but he wasn't even looking at him, he was looking for Marco! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So happy to see Smith score! He's been playing so awesome for us and it's just so great to finally see him get a goal. *sighs happily*

Alyn/Lynn!!! Yeah it was an empty netter but I'm still glad to see them score.

Mmm, I am a happy camper tonight.

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*hugs* I wanted to congratulate you last night, but couldn't spoil it :)

*hugs* Thank you! Sorry you had to put up with all my thirty-minutes-behind-in-the-game explosions. *giggle*

*hugs back* it wasn't a problem, really :)

Ahhh *huggles you again* :D

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