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The Invincible M.A.E.

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What does Google think it knows about you?

Stop What You're Doing, And Go See What Google Thinks It Knows About You

Google thinks I'm a 25-34 year old male with an interest an "Beauty & Fitness - Body Art". The rest mostly make sense, although "Science - Mathematics" seems a little too specific.

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HAH! They got nuthin' on me.

Google thinks that I am a 45-54 year old man with an interest in performance vehicles, hair care, and fiber arts.

Which would be an awesome take on role-playing Bobby Holik, come to think about it. (Except the age is a little off.)

Google apparently thinks I'm a 25-35 year old male. :p

I figured all of my friends would be male!

Google thinks I'm an 18-24 year old female. These are the categories associated with me:
Arts & Entertainment - Music & Audio
Beauty & Fitness - Face & Body Care - Skin & Nail Care
Hobbies & Leisure - Special Occasions - Weddings
Pets & Animals - Pets - Cats
Pets & Animals - Pets - Horses
Pets & Animals - Wildlife
Shopping - Apparel - Casual Apparel - T-Shirts

Pretty good! Though I think I'm going to take the Wedding one off (now that the wedding is done!) so I stop getting weight loss ads. :P

It is cruel and brilliant at the same time to advertise weight loss to prospective brides!



I figured almost all of you would be pegged as guys thanks to any interest in sports haha.

I'm okay with being a boy. I am NOT okay with being a FRATBOY.

...It has absolutely no information on me. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

You probably clear out cache/cookies or have some kind of privacy stuff going?

This is just pathetic:

Computers & Electronics
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes - Baked Goods
Food & Drink - Cooking & Recipes - Soups & Stews
Food & Drink - Restaurants - Fast Food
Games - Online Games
Shopping - Consumer Resources

Age: 25-34
Gender: Female

Man, google thinks I am an old man. Who is interested in bodybuilding.

Hmm, yeah, I wouldn't have expected that. :P

Last time I checked, it thought I was an old woman. I don't remember the categories it associated with me, but I remember I was fairly suspicious of old ladies afterward, for a bit.

Google thinks I'm an 18-24 year old male with interests in cooking, simulation games and chicago. Only the last one makes sense, and how gay porn didn't end up on that list I have no ideas.

No sports on the list of interests???

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