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Pavelski fought Ballard last night. It was like watching angry dwarfs going at it.

I caught a special on the Harbaugh coaching family (literal family) that was made when Jim was still coach of Stanford. Jack, John (Ravens coach) and the son-in-law who coaches college basketball, were sitting around a table sharing stories. That is one crazy ass family and I would hate to be in it. :P Anyway, near the end Jim says to Jack, "Who's got it better than us?" and Jack replies "NO-BODY!" and I kind of flipped out a little bit. :)

Someone actually wrote an entire article about the kickoff team dancing!

NFL-best kickoff team pumping up the volume
By Matt Kawahara and Matthew Barrows
Published: Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 - 12:00 am | Page 1C

SANTA CLARA – Colin Jones is the first to admit that dancing is not his forte. Nor, said the 49ers safety, has he fully deciphered the lyrics of the song that plays at Candlestick Park each time the 49ers' kickoff team takes the field.

But "Tony Montana," a popular song by the Atlanta rapper Future, has become a kind of pump-up anthem for the 49ers' special teams. So while David Akers tees up the ball for kickoffs, Jones bobs along with the other nine members of the coverage unit – one that ranked among the NFL's stingiest this season.

"Just trying to fit in," Jones said, grinning. "I enjoy it, though. When you see everybody getting involved, just getting hopped up, it's always good."

The 49ers' coverage teams led the league during the regular season in terms of pinning opponents deep in their own territory. On average, opposing offenses started drives just beyond their own 24-yard line against the 49ers.

That mark was even better at home, where the average starting field position of the 49ers' opponents was inside their own 21-yard line.

It wasn't until halfway through the season, though, that "Tony Montana" – a salty tune that references the main character of the 1983 film "Scarface" – made its debut at Candlestick Park.

"In the linebacker room, Ahmad Brooks used to always listen to it," said Blake Costanzo, one of the 49ers' leaders on special teams. "We'd be like, 'Why are you listening to this song?' He'd always be getting pumped to it. It was just as a joke.

"Then we were like, 'Our special teams needs something. You know, let's do something, let's have some fun with it.' We thought it would be a fun thing to do, and it just took off since then."

Players requested that the song be played at home games starting in Week 10 against the New York Giants. It is now played whenever kickoff units are on the field and in the locker room before away games.

On Friday, as the 49ers broke their final practice before they again play the Giants in Sunday's NFC Championship Game, "Tony Montana" played from speakers on the practice field.

The song has caught on to the point that the 49ers actually flew Future in last weekend for their divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints – a game in which the coverage units were particularly effective.

The Saints, who ranked third in the NFL this season in yards per kickoff return, started their average drive on their own 22-yard line and fumbled twice on returns.

Both fumbles were recovered by the 49ers' coverage teams, which had forced two turnovers all season.

"You see everybody competing," said Anthony Dixon, another fixture on special teams. "You look over to the next guy, and he's running four-flat or 4.2 (seconds). You're like, I can run 4-flat, 4.2, too."

In the spirit of friendly competition, Dixon said 49ers special teams coach Brad Seely awards points to players for various actions – such as a tackle, a forced fumble or an assist – and adds them to a "point board" in the meeting room.

"We look at that, and we argue over points," Dixon said. "We argue over half a tackle. You make it fun, but at the same time you're competing with your brothers."

It's a sentiment that, perhaps, would resonate with Future himself.

Reached by phone Friday, the rapper explained that "Tony Montana" is "… about making sure you come out on top some kind of way, even if you have to give everything."

Future said he didn't have a chance to meet any 49ers players last Saturday but hopes to this weekend. The 49ers plan to fly him in again for the NFC title game.

And as for any regrets he may have over his song being adopted by the 49ers rather than his hometown Atlanta Falcons?

"You understand that this is a business," the rapper said. "And there are certain things that business requires you to do."


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