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New Fall 2011 TV show reviews

2010 was a pretty crappy fall for new TV shows. The only ones I'm still watching this year are Nikita, Hawaii Five-0, and The Walking Dead and I just watch Hawaii Five-0 for all of the gayness between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (it's a terrible show). 2011 was much better. Nothing I I think that's absolutely amazing and am completely in love with, but a lot that I like.

Shows I want to watch ASAP

American Horror Story - A horror movie as a serialized TV show. Sold! I wish they'd kept doing the surreal disjoint cuts from the pilot, and that it had been more than just a ghost story. But other than that they got a lot right with psychological horror instead of the "cat jumps out of the closet!" horror. (I still had to watch it in the day though, hehe) I love that they wrapped up the story at the end of S1 and that S2 will take place in a new locale.

Revenge - I liked Emily VanCamp from Brothers & Sisters and I liked the premise of revenge, but I didn't expect to like the show this much! Watching the take downs and how they develop is so satisfying

Person of Interest - I generally like everything Abrams does (except for Undercovers) and they've done a good job with balancing the procedural episodic format with the mythology and serialized storyline, and including the little character moments that Abrams is so good at. Ben Linus is great, and I'm impressed with Jesus! He's good for the role. And a big bad played by Veronica Mars' dad? Awesome.

Shows I'd want to get another season

Prime Suspect - Well, this one has been cancelled already so that's not going to happen. :P I like shows with ensemble banter and this might be the best one (in the cop genre) since Saving Grace for that.

The Secret Circle - This is a weird one because I'm not attached to any of the characters but I want to see what happens next. It's like The Vampire Diaries lite.

Terra Nova - Because of that cliffhanger, damn it! :P But the show itself was mindlessly enjoyable once I recalibrated my brain to not expect too much.

Shows I like, but wouldn't be disappointed if they were cancelled

Grimm - I wish the episodes were closer to recognizable fairy tales. Instead there were a few obscure ones, and a few that were only vaguely linked to the fairy tale (in either Disneyfied or original version). I want to learn more about the overarching storyline.

Pan Am - One of the two Mad Men-inspired network shows. Bad idea. Mad Men is high quality and has tons of critical acclaim yet still pulls shitty ratings. How did they hope to do better? This is actually better than Mad Men in that it's not boring and actually has points to make along with more realistic (but anachronistic) characters, but yeah I think this one has essentially been cancelled too.

Hart of Dixie - Kind of a sweet little show, like Men In Trees set in the South. I really love watching Jaime King in this one, and all of the quirky little town traditions like "Planksgiving" haha. Reminds me a bit of Gilmore Girls in that respect. Wouldn't really miss it if it was gone, though.

Ringer - I watched this one for Sarah Michelle Gellar although I wasn't that keen on the premise. There's a constant tension about whether Bridget will be found out, and a mystery about Siobhan that's slowly revealed while she's busy fighting fires. Jason Dohring (from Veronica Mars and Moonlight) is in this! But playing a stupid role. :(

The Playboy Club - Totally stupid and anachronistic, but I like Amber Heard. It could have been done so much better by better show runners and writers.


Once Upon a Time - What a disappointment. What a waste of the excellent cast, especially Robert Carlyle. What a waste of cute sets and costumes. What a waste of the premise. This show failed for me on a very basic level - it gives me absolutely no reason to look forward to the next episodes because there's no promise of a satisfying pay off in the future and no interesting mysteries. When you kill off a character I like and I don't even care because the death was so meaningless, that's a problem for me.

Charlie's Angels - How fucking hard was it to find three sexy girls in Hollywood and then put nice clothes and make up on them???
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