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The Invincible M.A.E.

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New Fall 2011 TV show reviews

2010 was a pretty crappy fall for new TV shows. The only ones I'm still watching this year are Nikita, Hawaii Five-0, and The Walking Dead and I just watch Hawaii Five-0 for all of the gayness between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan (it's a terrible show). 2011 was much better. Nothing I I think that's absolutely amazing and am completely in love with, but a lot that I like.

Shows I want to watch ASAP

American Horror Story - A horror movie as a serialized TV show. Sold! I wish they'd kept doing the surreal disjoint cuts from the pilot, and that it had been more than just a ghost story. But other than that they got a lot right with psychological horror instead of the "cat jumps out of the closet!" horror. (I still had to watch it in the day though, hehe) I love that they wrapped up the story at the end of S1 and that S2 will take place in a new locale.

Revenge - I liked Emily VanCamp from Brothers & Sisters and I liked the premise of revenge, but I didn't expect to like the show this much! Watching the take downs and how they develop is so satisfying

Person of Interest - I generally like everything Abrams does (except for Undercovers) and they've done a good job with balancing the procedural episodic format with the mythology and serialized storyline, and including the little character moments that Abrams is so good at. Ben Linus is great, and I'm impressed with Jesus! He's good for the role. And a big bad played by Veronica Mars' dad? Awesome.

Shows I'd want to get another season

Prime Suspect - Well, this one has been cancelled already so that's not going to happen. :P I like shows with ensemble banter and this might be the best one (in the cop genre) since Saving Grace for that.

The Secret Circle - This is a weird one because I'm not attached to any of the characters but I want to see what happens next. It's like The Vampire Diaries lite.

Terra Nova - Because of that cliffhanger, damn it! :P But the show itself was mindlessly enjoyable once I recalibrated my brain to not expect too much.

Shows I like, but wouldn't be disappointed if they were cancelled

Grimm - I wish the episodes were closer to recognizable fairy tales. Instead there were a few obscure ones, and a few that were only vaguely linked to the fairy tale (in either Disneyfied or original version). I want to learn more about the overarching storyline.

Pan Am - One of the two Mad Men-inspired network shows. Bad idea. Mad Men is high quality and has tons of critical acclaim yet still pulls shitty ratings. How did they hope to do better? This is actually better than Mad Men in that it's not boring and actually has points to make along with more realistic (but anachronistic) characters, but yeah I think this one has essentially been cancelled too.

Hart of Dixie - Kind of a sweet little show, like Men In Trees set in the South. I really love watching Jaime King in this one, and all of the quirky little town traditions like "Planksgiving" haha. Reminds me a bit of Gilmore Girls in that respect. Wouldn't really miss it if it was gone, though.

Ringer - I watched this one for Sarah Michelle Gellar although I wasn't that keen on the premise. There's a constant tension about whether Bridget will be found out, and a mystery about Siobhan that's slowly revealed while she's busy fighting fires. Jason Dohring (from Veronica Mars and Moonlight) is in this! But playing a stupid role. :(

The Playboy Club - Totally stupid and anachronistic, but I like Amber Heard. It could have been done so much better by better show runners and writers.


Once Upon a Time - What a disappointment. What a waste of the excellent cast, especially Robert Carlyle. What a waste of cute sets and costumes. What a waste of the premise. This show failed for me on a very basic level - it gives me absolutely no reason to look forward to the next episodes because there's no promise of a satisfying pay off in the future and no interesting mysteries. When you kill off a character I like and I don't even care because the death was so meaningless, that's a problem for me.

Charlie's Angels - How fucking hard was it to find three sexy girls in Hollywood and then put nice clothes and make up on them???

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The Rumpelstiltskin stuff is the best part of the show! But I don't have any faith they'll come up with something that's ultimately good. :P

They need to reveal the stakes on Grimm a bit faster. The bee episode and the scene where the cop hacked off the uhh... reaper's? ear was good, but they've just done a bunch of one-offs since then.

I'm surprised that Hawaii Five-0 is so popular! Are there really that many people who appreciate teh gay??? What else is appealing about it?

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I've really enjoyed both AHs and PoI, although the last episode of AHs was a disappointment to me. I wonder if they can pull off something interesting again next season.

Mostly all I watch now is old CsI (I prefer the original, can tolerate NY, and only watched a Miami episode because Judy Greer was in it, hehe) and the few sVU/CI I haven't yet seen. Oh and Criminal Minds, but they only seem to have a new episode once a month.

My s key is still broken. :(

Yeah, I didn't like that they spent so much time on the new family that moved in or that Ben died, but I think ultimately it was a good ending. I liked the stuff about Tate's son! I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about setting the season in an insane asylum and I think that would be awesome.

Justified and Southland are great. Hmm, I like The Finder a lot (it's a spin off of Bones) but it's so quirky I think it will probably be cancelled. :(

i love that I have PVR and actually know what you're talking about in yuor tv posts now :D it makes me happy

Once Upon A Time made me super excited because omg Raphael Sbarge on my tv /bioware fan but I agree on the lack of follow-through.

Idk, I don't really watch tv week-to-week. Except Glee, because apparently I'm a masochist and enjoy yelling at my tv. But my roommate and I have been marathoning different shows -- I finally saw Farscape! And we did the first two seasons of Grey's. It's easy to pinpoint exactly where the show goes off the rails in hindsight. :p

Raphael Sbarge was great in his episode. Especially that subtle change in his expression from being kind of weak and wishy washy to resolved.

I intentionally save up episodes of certain shows like The Walking Dead so I can do a marathon. I read stuff about Grey's Anatomy in TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly and everything I've read turns me off. Ironically, I don't like to watch stuff about relationships hahaha.

I know, right? It's so strange seeing him connected with the voice. It's the same with Gideon Emery.

Well, the first two seasons of Grey's Anatomy were actually really brilliantly written. It's when they started the relationship merry-go-rounds and flow charts that it really went downhill.

I liked Terra Nova, though it wasn't a "must watch" for me.

I DO however find Grimm interesting because it is just different than most things on TV and still has the cop procedural aspect to it to keep it from being too far off into fantasy land. I agree though that they need to expand a little more on the back story of Grimms and flesh all of that out a little bit, it's just like "poof" here's your aunt, and then "poof" she's dead and here's her trailer full of stuff. And maybe it's just me, but I would think you'd maybe want to move that trailer around a little bit... somebody's bound to find out where you keep that thing if you just leave it there all the time. But there I go expecting reality in a fantasy based show. ;)

Revenge is my favorite of the ones you listed though. It has just enough $$ and pretty people to make it kinda soapy, and the most recent episode where she started to think twice about what she was doing but then Victoria gave her all the reason in the world to charge forward was great! It kind of reminds me of shows like Dallas, except instead of rich Texans, it's rich Hamptonites.

Now that the only TV I have is via Netflix or Hulu Plus, I am slightly behind the curve on a lot of the new shows (and ones that I discover and like I don't get to see until a day or two after they air, which is still ok by me). We tried to watch The Playboy Club too, and didn't get past the first episode. But I love, love, love discovering shows and watching entire seasons on Netflix... commercial free. (Flash Forward, Lost, 24, Damages... the list goes on!).

Hope things are well with you, my friend! xoxoxo

Terra Nova = '80s action series wrapped up in dinosaur CGI

I was under the impression that the trailer was outside his house because of his wife peering out the window at him in it, but he must have moved it after his aunt showed up. I only realized it was in a different location as of the last episode haha. I love Monroe though, he has the best lines. :)

Oh man, I like Revenge so much and I can't really explain why. Maybe it's Madeleine Stowe's expressions. :P My family loved Dallas so I watched it when I was a little kid and don't remember that much about it, but whenever I hear "JR" the theme song immediately starts playing in my head. Love the nod on Revenge to it with the "South Fork Inn" hehe!

Ahh, I was so sad when FlashForward was cancelled! If only they had killed V instead. Have you watched The Vampire Diaries? I thought that it was going to be all teeny bopper but it's actually quite good!

I will have to check Vampire Diaries out... I haven't seen it. If you liked it, then I am likely to enjoy it also.

Charlie's Angels - How fucking hard was it to find three sexy girls in Hollywood and then put nice clothes and make up on them??? I laughed out loud :)

The creators and cast actually said things like, yeah people will expect hot girls in bikinis and for it to be all campy, so we're going to avoid that and give them complex characters (utter failure) and serious storylines (utter failure) not put them in sexy things until 5 episodes into the season! So they actually thought of the right idea and intentionally went against it!

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