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I was under Scott Thornton the whole game!

Went to the Bolts/Sharks game tonight. Forgot to bring my glasses, so had to keep asking Chip important things, like whether Khabi was twitching, etc. From what I saw, there was fairly minimal twitching.

Midgy was very cute and entertaining. Towards the end of the first period, he fell on his ass at center ice. Nobody had touched him. Then later on he was battling a defenseman for the puck, and inexplicably did a really pretty, fast, pirouette at about 70° to the ice and fell down. It was spectacular!

Khabi had this interesting dance routine thing going to the music just before the faceoff. Chip said he expected Khabi to start breakdancing and spin around on his back or something and was disappointed that he didn't.

But the most important part of the night, my Scott Thornton sighting!!! *squeals madly* I was in the nosebleed section, and above in the rafters(?) they had some seats set up and he was there!!! I looked up during the second intermission and there was this smiley guy who had a striking resemblance to Scott. Then I realized it probably was Scott and asked Chip to confirm. But then this stupid guy with a big ass who was talking to him blocked our line of sight. Chip claimed that Scott was wearing a leisure suit, then that he was wearing a beige corduroy suit. *sniffle* It wasn't quite that bad, but it was bad. I don't think his wife should let him dress himself.

Chip and I kept peering up to catch glimpses of him. Big Ass Guy took off just before the third period started and I had about 30 seconds of glorious Thorty gawking time! Eee!!! Unfortunately, he lumbered off with 5 minutes left in the game. Yes, he lumbers. It must be his size, I mean, he has a concussion not a leg injury.

Wrote some more chocolate ducklings on the way home. Endlessly amused by the idea of dork!smut. :) Unfortunately, no actual smut yet.

Shrieked madly on Flan's behalf when I saw the Flyers score. Shrieked for Ducklings too. Sniffled for the Leafs.
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