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My little dancing special teams boys!

There has been a lack of Sharks in my LJ posts. This is because JMFJ alone is more retarded than the entire Sharks team combined and I'm not even bringing in Donuts or Penner yet (speaking of, I had the most delicious blueberry pancakes with pecan butter on Monday for breakfast! My back is fine).

I've watched all of the Sharks games, but there's nothing really much to mention except that I'm getting sick of every team playing their best game against the Sharks. I'm sure Red Wings fans have been sick of this for the past 10 years or so. :P

There is however this non-LOLtastic article about Logan and his dad being a lacrosse ref. He is just such a great player. :) There's a few guys on the team who are just dependable who I never worry about and that's Pavelski, Vlasic, Clowe and Logan.

Sharks gushing about Couture
All-star having a breakout season at age 22

By Vicki Hall, Calgary Herald January 17, 2012

Todd McLellan can’t help but gush when the topic of conversation turns to 22-year-old all-star Logan Couture.“A huge part of our team,” the San Jose Sharks head coach is saying after the morning skate. “He’s quietly becoming the part in the washing machine that makes it go, for lack of a better analogy.”

Whether McLellan means the motor, the agitator or even the power source, no one is about to argue these days with any praise directed at Couture. As a rookie, the London, Ont. native collected 32 goals and 56 points — good enough for a Calder Trophy nomination and an all-expenses paid trip to Carolina for the NHL YoungStars game.

Clearly immune from the sophomore jinx, Couture topped that achievement this season by receiving an invitation to the actual all-star game in Ottawa.

By scoring 18 goals and 32 points through 42 games, Couture received the nod over Sharks teammates Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski and Patrick Marleau.

“I’m definitely going to cherish it,” Couture says. “You never know how many of these you’re going to be part of in the future.

“I’m going to have a great time with it.”

The locale of the all-star game makes it even greater for Couture, who played four years under Brian Kilrea with the Ottawa 67’s. A first round (ninth overall) pick of the Sharks in 2007, Couture (like virtually every other high selection) had designs on cracking the big league as a teenager.

It never happened.

“You want to play right away,” Couture says. “But you sit back and realize at 18 or 19 you’re not really ready for it.

“You can’t be rushed into this league. You see a lot of players who are rushed in and don’t end up having good careers. So I think I owe the Sharks a big thank you for putting me in the minors and playing some games there.

“I learned the pro game, and obviously it’s working out so far.”

Working out is a minor understatement, although there was never much doubt about Couture — due in part to his dazzling athletic pedigree. Dad Chet is a firefighter and retired National Lacrosse League referee. Mom Lori is a gym teacher. His uncle Brian played professional lacrosse. Grandfather Cy was a member of the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Couture badly wanted to call his parents last week upon receiving the all-star invite, but they were vacationing in Cuba. He finally reached them on Monday.

“They were booking their flights and getting excited,” he said. “It’s going to be fun. A lot of great memories in that city. I spent four great years there. Lots of friends. Lots of people from the 67s organization still going to be around. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

“My family is going to be there with me. We’re going to enjoy it all together.”

Couture family outings weren’t always so fun back in the days when dad Chet inflicted law and order in lacrosse.

“He used to take us up to Six Nations, a reserve back home in Canada,” Couture says. “The fans are crazy. There would some guys hanging over the glass yelling at him, and my Mom would tell us, ‘Don’t say anything about your dad. Don’t say what your last name is.’

“We would sit there and have to go through that.”

To this day, Couture empathizes with the officials even when he disagrees vehemently with their calls.

“I remember one time we were watching on TV,” Couture says of his dad. “He was breaking up a fight and someone knocked him out with a punch.

“You realize what refs go through. They have a tough job. Guys are harping on them all the time. It seems like they can never make the right call in other team’s minds. I think of it from that standpoint.”

From McLellan’s standpoint, the Sharks are awfully lucky Couture diverted from his dad’s path and chose playing hockey over officiating or lacrosse.

“He can elevate his play and make people around him better,” McLellan says. “He’s hitting the scoresheet. Plays well defensively.

“He fits in with our star players at a very young age. That’s probably the best compliment that you can give him.”

Even with all the compliments thrown his way, Couture realizes he is a strong candidate to become this year’s Mr. Irrelevant at the all-star game. After all, someone has to be chosen last under the new format.

Might as well let it be the young guy.

“Nah, that doesn’t bother me,” he says. “I’m at the all-star game. If I get picked last, I get a new car.”

Wait a minute. Doesn’t he already have a new car?

“Yeah, I do,” he said. “But someone else I know could use one.”

Penner should just be required to do all player interviews from now on. THE SWEET AROMA OF PANCAKES.

I'm still glowing over the 49ers win on Saturday and it's only slowly dawning on me that they're going to be playing this weekend in the NFC championship game!!! Against the Giants, of all teams. I picked them up as my secondary team when the 49ers were so terrible I was cheering for first downs (actually that describes them up until this season). I am SO EXCITED for this game. And I like all of the remaining teams left in the playoffs so I'm going to enjoy the Superbowl.

The 49ers kickoff unit does this adorable thing where they clump together and dance right until the last second then they run into perfect formation. There was this one game that I didn't record, unfortunately where they were really going nuts, but I got a little of it from the Saints game.


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