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Lights out!

The 49ers Monday Night Football didn't start well. A transformer BLEW UP (which looks super cool from the blimp view) and there was a blackout for like 20 minutes before the game started. Then there was another one in the middle of the first half for another 16 minute delay.

But after that, the only thing that was lights out (har har har!) was the 49ers defense! :D Okay, Roethlisberger was super gimpy and shouldn't have been playing with his high ankle sprain (and won't again until the playoffs probably), but three interceptions, one sack fumble and limiting the Steelers to 3 points was still pretty awesome.

Once Upon a Time has been downgraded from uninteresting to just kind of a bad show to me. It's basically a shitty, pointless version of the flash sideways from Lost. I mean maybe there will be some kind of cool ending, but I would like there to at least be a HINT of that while I'm watching the show. And this aimless wandering means that characters I like can die off and I'm like, oh, he's dead, and I don't care because I don't care about the direction of the show. It's a shame because I like all the characters! And I'm in no way a fussy person when it comes to TV, but the bad story is overpowering the positives in the show.

(I loved the flash sideways in Lost but that was earned because it featured characters we already knew and cared about. It's just not working as a way to introduce new characters.)

I love American Horror Story though. I wouldn't exactly call it a good show, but I love watching it because it's so fucked up. So I guess it's the spiritual successor to Nip/Tuck, but with horror elements. I wish they'd stuck more to that surreal, disjoint style of that first episode (Tate saying, "Helter skelter" is the best thing ever) but that might have alienated too many people.

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