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We should have threatened the chinchilla!

Ahh, Ducklings/Sharks yesterday was very fun! And umm, even though we lost in OT, I'm glad at least it was Petr who scored the goals? *hides* I want them ahead of the Wild! :P Paul took a dive. :( Someone needs to spank him.

Ahh, but the dorkiness that is Petr! *weeps* The man (boy?) tucks his jersey in. And when it comes out? He tucks it in again. And the lame fist-pumping after scoring a goal. It makes me squeal and cringe at the same time. But mostly squeal. Ahh, the chocolate ducklings will not leave my mind. They just won't. Yum, they can stay there, actually. *distracted*

Went roller-blading today for the first time in Golden Gate Park with Alex and his Russian friend Vlad. Did okay until I hit gentle downward slopes, whereupon I screeched a lot and fell on my ass. Ow. Also I think I got a size too big because I have huge red blisters on my feet. They're gross and scared Chip away.

It was very fun overall, though. :) I thought it was going to be really hard not to fall down but it was fine, maybe about the same as ice skating.

Vlad seems to have enjoyed Alex's car (Honda S2000) as he was driving like Alex, i.e. fast. We saw a Ferrari. I think he would probably have enjoyed that more. ;)
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