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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Jack Johnson

America's game

JMFJ's Twitter continues to be a source of joy for me.

America's game

I think he wept tears of patriotic pride as he tweeted this. Oh, and he's talking about the Army/Navy football game.


Someone complained about his #bestfansever hashtag (which is cheesy and cringe-inducing--in other words, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for him) so he came up with #TeamJMFJ ahahahahaha.

Went to tersa's place yesterday for more Castle Ravenloft. Defeated yet again by Strahd and his stupid bodyguard. Well, we did take out the bodyguard, it was Strahd who got us at the end. :( But much geeky fun was had!

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He is so ridiculous! I throw up in glee every time he tweets! My face when he tweets: :DDDD

He is truly fantastic. And has hilarious mancrushes on Tim Tebow and Eric Decker.

My dyslexia caused me to read proud-to-bean-American first time around, and I got so confused. Why must he be so patriotic? It hurts!

Haha it does look like that huh? He is so awesomely cringeworthy.

Strahd was such a pain. I vote we write some of our own daily skills that drop his AC.

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