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Ugh, Hudson

I love Revenge. I don't even know exactly why, but I want to watch it as soon as it airs which I don't say of many shows. Actually just Revenge and American Horror Story (which I'm too chicken to watch at night in case I get nightmares so I can't watch right away anyway). And I don't usually pay attention to the clothes on TV shows, but I love every single one of Emily VanCamp's dresses.

I'm also really enjoying Grimm, much more than Once Upon a Time. I'm pretty sure it will be cancelled though due to low ratings. :P [ Update: Ahh, I just checked TV by the Numbers and apparently it's been picked up for a full season!!! ]They pick some pretty obscure fairy tales though, so I have to depend on listening to a podcast to know what it is. I suppose I could Google too but that would be more work.

Finally, Donuts was asked about playing with JMFJ:

I think we move the puck really well together.Collapse )


So at first I thought that he watched with his gf or something, but then I remembered that the Kings are on the road, which makes me think that a group of them probably watched it together ahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

A nice article about Alex Smith in the 49ers program (at least that's what I think it is):

Gameday Story: What It TakesCollapse )

I love how Alex's great grandfather was an Austrian of Serbian descent and then adopted the name John Smith, haha. Maybe if Alex had taken his ancestor's original name he wouldn't feel the need to name his kid Hudson.

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