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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Yeah, I am a spammy mofo

Woo, I finally found out what Thorty's tattoos are of. Thanks for asking, Tammy, and actually prompting me to take action to find out.

On Stars winger Scott Thornton's left shoulder is a tattoo of the grim reaper and on the opposite shoulder is a dream catcher.

"It's like an Indian spirit," Thornton said of the dream catcher. "It's supposed to catch all your bad dreams."

For the first time in his 10-year NHL career, his dream catcher is working as Thornton has been able to prove he's more than a designated thug and now there's a Stanley Cup within reach as well.

The Stars acquired Thornton from Montreal for Juha Lind on Jan. 22. Thornton had spent the previous three-plus seasons with the Canadiens as a one-dimensional player.

"In Montreal, he wasn't used properly at all," Stars defenceman Dave Manson told the Dallas Star Telegram. "He was used as strictly a tough guy. They got him for one reason, and he wasn't really given a chance.

"He was the third overall pick, so obviously people in the hockey world saw a lot to draft him that high."

Before this year's playoffs, Thornton had played in 15 post-season games, scoring three points. In 10 playoff games with the Stars, he has two goals and four assists.

In the past season and a half, Thornton played 82 games and scored 16 points with Montreal. In 40 games with the Stars, he has 15 points.

"From Day 1 with Montreal, I was playing two or three minutes a game," said Thornton. "It was discouraging. I felt like I was ready to break out as a player. I had a lot of dreams squashed."

I miss him so much. Of all the things that sucked about this season, one of the suckiest is that he was injured for so much of it. *cries*

*sigh* At least I saw him get into one awesome fight. :) *giggles remembering blood splatter on ice* Hmm, maybe it's time for me to get some quality Quake 3 CTF time in ... I seem to be in a killing mood.

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ahhhhh *licks and mauls thorty* *melts and swoons*

He is quite yummy, isn't he? *grins*

he so so so so so so so is *mauls*

*joins in the mauling* *bounces off*

"It was discouraging. I felt like I was ready to break out as a player. I had a lot of dreams squashed."


Poor, discouraged Scott!

*hugs him*
*clings to his arms*

Oh! And I had an idea! You should get a chinchilla! And then you and Petr can go the park and take them for walks together!

I know! I was so sad! But then he went to San Jose and started scoring. And scoring goals. *grin*

*dies a million deaths* Oh dude, Petr and another chinchilla owner walking their pets together would be the dorkiest couple ever!

Mmmmm Thorty *licks him and joins in the maulage* :D

Ooh, we have a very fun pile going! *grin*

*giggle* Yes yes we do. Though I doubt you see any of us complaining LOL!

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