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$10 million of missed defensive coverage

Well, Prime Suspect was cancelled. Or rather, not picked up for the rest of the season, which is essentially the same thing as being cancelled. I do like it quite a bit, but I like other stuff more.

This week's episode of Hawaii Five-0 was the best so far this season! There was lots of Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan time, a mystery that was at least vaguely interesting and coherent, and minimal screen time for Grace Park, whose acting was just as bad as ever but at least I didn't have to endure it for that long.

I'm much more pleased with this season's new shows than last season's. There's nothing that I really love, although American Horror Story comes close, but I like a bunch of shows enough to keep watching.

I love Charlyne Yi on House so much. She is so fucking hilarious, and even funnier IRL!

JMFJ and Donuts paired tonight. SO EXCITED.

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