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Guess who's back together again??????

Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson

Even the Kings website is slashing them! Meanwhile, Terry Murray seems to have thought they used to be spoiled little brats who hated each other and fought all the time and now have grown up a bit. This is... probably not inaccurate.

We’ve used (Doughty and Johnson together) on the power play, going back a couple years, and they’ve played very, very well together. They’re coming of age, I think, to play hard for each other. There’s always a time, I think, early in a career when you want to try to do a lot of stuff out there, but right now it’s about the team and about a D pairing being very good, playing big minutes, playing important, critical situations and getting the job done.

abby20 linked me to this video of the Kings talking about who would make the best and worst cage fighter and pretty much everyone answers that Donuts would be the worst LOLOLOL!!! But JMFJ says that it's because he's not the biggest guy which is probably the first time that's ever been said about him. *chortles*

Man, Donuts and JMFJ as a regular defensive pairing. God save the Kings.

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