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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Devin Setoguchi

Here piggy piggy

I loved Devin but my only iffiness with that trade was that Burns had only 1 year left on his contract. With the extension, that became a trade I was happy with. But I got so nostalgic when they showed all those Devin highlights! *sniffle* People brought signs down for warm ups and cheered for him and gave him standing ovations and stuff. ♥ People also cheered for Heatley (less enthusiastically) but booed him when he had the puck on the PP LOL. Personally I think people should boo him walking down the street just for being a horrible (and ugly) person, but I suppose people don't think he played well enough for the Sharks? He certainly underperformed in the playoffs.

The Raiders and 49ers are division leaders LOLOLOL. Man, I remember how horrible they were when I first started watching football. It's so weird that the 49ers are playing the Giants this weekend and it's not going to be almost an automatic win for the Giants. I like Eli a lot and the Giants were my secondary team (because face it, you need one when your team goes 2-14 for two years running) and was thrilled when they won the Superbowl. So I'm just hoping for a good game on Sunday. :)

American Horror Story is picking up again and making things interesting again. The scene where Connie Britton eats the pig's brain was awesome! I'm caught up on Once Upon a Time and I like it so far (although I like Grimm more--it will probably be cancelled) but I'm vaguely offended that the worst curse possible seems to be... to have to live an ordinary life in our world LOL.

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did you notice during brodie's interview, when he asked whether devin kept in contact with the guys, devin said he only kept casual contact and checked in now and then to see how 'he' was doing?

also, mitch showing off/showing how totally fine he is without devin. i wish i could still write sharks.

That interview looked so awkward to me :( Maybe he's always like that, but he seemed like he wanted to be doing anything but that.

He pretty much RACED OFF! Maybe he was desperately holding back tears or something LOL.

Also, it completely contrasts with Torrey saying that he talks to Devin all the time!!! But maybe Devin is just super chatty on the phone so it doesn't seem like a long time to him... or maybe he has SOMETHING TO HIDE.

I liked that he kind of grumbled about Devin slashing him a couple of times (ahahahaha). I think I may have succumbed to the thing Tammy said about how she feels like Stars are family so it would be hard for her to write them.

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