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I loved Devin but my only iffiness with that trade was that Burns had only 1 year left on his contract. With the extension, that became a trade I was happy with. But I got so nostalgic when they showed all those Devin highlights! *sniffle* People brought signs down for warm ups and cheered for him and gave him standing ovations and stuff. ♥ People also cheered for Heatley (less enthusiastically) but booed him when he had the puck on the PP LOL. Personally I think people should boo him walking down the street just for being a horrible (and ugly) person, but I suppose people don't think he played well enough for the Sharks? He certainly underperformed in the playoffs.

The Raiders and 49ers are division leaders LOLOLOL. Man, I remember how horrible they were when I first started watching football. It's so weird that the 49ers are playing the Giants this weekend and it's not going to be almost an automatic win for the Giants. I like Eli a lot and the Giants were my secondary team (because face it, you need one when your team goes 2-14 for two years running) and was thrilled when they won the Superbowl. So I'm just hoping for a good game on Sunday. :)

American Horror Story is picking up again and making things interesting again. The scene where Connie Britton eats the pig's brain was awesome! I'm caught up on Once Upon a Time and I like it so far (although I like Grimm more--it will probably be cancelled) but I'm vaguely offended that the worst curse possible seems to be... to have to live an ordinary life in our world LOL.

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