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Whiners get stuff

Got around to watching the pilot episode of Grimm and really liked it, more than I thought I would actually, given the premise. It's probably going to be cancelled (what could overcome being on Friday and being on NBC?) but I'll enjoy it while I can. And they played both the Eurhythmics and Marilyn Manson versions of "Sweet Dreams"!

Marty scored his first goal as a Shark last night! He was totally due.

I discovered yesterday that my Center Ice was disconnected. I called Comcast and I think their tech support might have been outsourced to India. The person who answered my call was Indian, very helpful and nice, and mostly useless, LOL She tried to activate Center Ice twice and failed and was about to send a tech out to my place (which would have meant I wouldn't get the Kings game last night) but I whined and asked her to get someone over there to try again and the person got it working immediately. He's probably the only competent person working in that office, heh. I did whine a bunch though, so I got a $20 credit for the days I missed, which is pretty cool.

I don't know if they do it every kickoff, but the 49ers special team unit does this really cool thing where they stand together as a group in the middle of the field and start dancing or bouncing around and then a few seconds before the kickoff they run into their positions in this perfect straight line. I loved it! :D We won again today, making their record 7-1 (!!!) in a division where the other three teams have a combined 4 wins. And we've only played 1 game in the division so far!

I am still somewhat obsessed with the Castle Ravenloft board game. I just played a game with Alex and Tati and it was really close but we were taken out by a dracolich. :( ... I might have bought The Legend of Drizzt because I saw it for sale for $10 less than normal.

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