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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alex Smith

Repeat until it doesn't sound weird: The 49ers are a good team

Donuts' Halloween costume, courtesy of his Facebook profile picture. :D I can't tell who that is with him. Brad Richardson? Trevor Lewis? And who are they supposed to be? I thought the Hart brothers at first, but they have pink pants and black, uhh, leotards and I don't think they had white boots.

Given that the Sharks were 1) playing the last game of a long road trip, 2) had won every game on the trip, 3) were playing in MSG, 4) were on Versus and 5) the Rangers had just blown a big lead to lose to the Sens, I figured that they were going to faceplant (even though it was a winnable game) and faceplant they did! :P I'm okay with that, if they can keep up a 5:1 win/loss ratio, that would be fantastic, haha.

I got my iPhone 4S yesterday! I tried to restore from my existing iPhone and it failed miserably. Oh well, at least I was able to sync the contacts and it didn't really take me that long to do the other set up. I have unlimited data, so I'll be doing some testing of the bandwidth later with some videos. :)

The 49ers are actually looking like a good team. :O They didn't play as well on Sunday as they did against say the Bucs or the Lions, but they didn't play well the way a good team does. They jumped out to a great start then were mediocre in the second half with lots of three and outs, but when the Browns started to get close, they busted out with a touchdown to keep the game out of reach for them. That's how good teams play! :P Alex Smith somehow managed a passer rating of around 100 for the game. 1 TD, no interceptions, just a decent, solid game.

My latest game obsession is a board game of all things. It's Castle Ravenloft, which is a dungeon crawl board game based on an extremely simplified version of the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition rules. Tati kind of went crazy when I opened the box because it has like 40 plastic miniatures and they look like fun toys to her. She grabbed the biggest one, which was an undead dragon and immediately started terrorizing the other miniatures going "RAARR!!!" :D I also let her "play" by picking out a character (Allisa, the human ranger, because she's the prettiest I guess) and rolling dice and setting down tiles and miniatures and stuff. Going to bring it down to tersa's place in a couple of weeks. :D

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And I'm all excited by this prospect! :)

It has been surprisingly fun so far! And while the basic gameplay is the same, the adventures are varied enough to make things interesting.

being a wrestling 'tard, I think they're supposed to be the Hart Foundation - Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, but ... I think they mixed up the colours (pink tops, black bottoms) and neither one of them had long blond hair. XD

Yeah, that's why I was wondering if that was supposed to be Owen. Donuts was just a baby when they were wrestling anyway. *weeps*

Donuts: closet red seal peach fan

What's sad is Donuts was a baby when those guys were wrestling!


Holy lolol, dude

Isn't that fantastic?????? :D

Dare I say it, but... he looks so skinny! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FLUFFY DONUT. Why is no one feeding him :/

Well everyone keeps yelling at him about being fat. Like most of his exit interview was telling him not to come back fat. :P So he's probably pretty conscious of it now. (He is totally blowing up to 300 pounds when he retires.)

maybe somewhere between the harts and the rockers?

It's like the Harts dressed by Poison's stylists!

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