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I love basic cable

Disappointed that The Mentalist wussed out with the whole Red John thing. I thought they were going to be really bold and actually take a risk, but... they didn't. It's okay, though, the show is still at the same level it used to be.

I've gotten over my disappointment with American Horror Story being "just" a ghost story and not being fucked up enough. I like the addition of Zachary Quinto to the cast, although it makes me wonder if he took the role then was like, well, I might as well come out at this point. ;)

I was hoping that the Rangers would win last night because I don't have strong feelings about either team and a Game 7 would mean no Fringe tonight. *sigh* I do have to say when watching playoff games (of any sport) I love those camera shots of the crowd looking really anxious when the home team is on the verge of elimination. There is just something inherently hilarious about people crossing their fingers, praying and covering their faces and mumbling to themselves while looking worried. And I totally do that kind of thing too in that situation, but... it's just funny. :P

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