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I could write an essay about it

Yesterday was a good day for Petr Sykora and JMFJ news! First of all:

Patrik Elias and Petr Sykora

I don't know where to start with this one. Walsh (their agent) tweeted this photo, which he said was taken in 2002). Okay, so Elias is going through his Euro bleached blonde phase. And casually sitting on the net. Petr is holding a tennis racket. And preparing to return serve. In front of the net. These things are in the same photo. Who took this and why? What is this trying to convey? Obviously I need to stare at this all day (again).

There were also a couple of articles about Petr being in bed all day with the flu and then heroically playing in the game and setting up two assists.

Devils get inspirational performances from Petr Sykora, Dainius Zubrus
Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 1:32 AM Updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 2:28 AM
By Rich Chere/The Star-Ledger

LOS ANGELES — Petr Sykora spent most of the day in bed battling what the Devils believe was the flu.

He skipped the morning skate and wasn't completely sure he could play in tonight's game against the L.A. Kings at the Staples Center until he took part in the pregame warmup.

Yet Sykora was an inspiration, setting up a pair of goals from Dainius Zubrus as the Devils ended a two-game losing streak with a 3-0 shutout victory over the Kings.

"Heart and soul. That's all I have I to say," linemate Patrik Elias said with a smile. "I actually had to take care of him. I think he just wanted the morning skate off."

Elias was joking. Sykora still looked ill after the game in which the line scored six points (three goals, three assists) to back the shutout goaltending of Johan Hedberg.

"I felt OK," Sykora insisted, his voice barely above a whisper. "When you get going, you have no choice."

But he did spend most of the day in bed.

"Yeah," he acknowledged.

Elias made reference to Sykora's fitting nickname — Sykie.

"He looks like he's sick all the time," Elias said jokingly.

Zubrus performed his own heroics, shaking off a Simon Gagne shot to the mouth in the first period and then scoring both of his goals in the second.

After the match he had a slightly swollen upper lip.

"I think the puck wobbled on him a little bit," Zubrus said. "It hit my upper lip and mouth guard. I knew it wasn't hard and I'd be OK. I think if the puck had been flat (allowing Gagne to get good wood on it) it would've hit me in the pads or somewhere lower."

The incident came with 2:29 remaining in the opening period. The puck was bouncing and Gagne didn't get much of it. Still, it was painful.

"It wasn't that bad," Zubrus said. "I told the referees I appreciated them blowing (the whistle). Right away I knew my teeth were all there."

The Devils scored three times in a span of 5:14 late in the second.
Defenseman Andy Greene's shot from the left point was stopped before Zubrus took a swing at the rebound from below the right circle. He took a swipe and then ran over goalie Jonathan Bernier as the puck went into the net at 13:12.

"Honestly, I'm not even sure (what happened)," Zubrus said. "I think I was able to get a shot off initially and just kept going to the net. I'm not even sure what happened then. I fell and the puck was in front of me in the net. I celebrated and they gave me a goal."

Referee Gord Dwyer signaled that it was a goal, but play was stopped for a video review by the league. The call on the ice stood for Zubrus’ first goal since Feb. 19 last season in Raleigh, N.C.

Elias made it 2-0 at 15:31. Anze Kopitar coughed up the puck in his own end and Elias weaved until he dropped it back for Greene. The defenseman fed Sykora in the left circle and his cross-slot pass found Elias alone in the right circle.

A one-timer from Elias beat Bernier for the center's fourth goal.

"It was just a beautiful play. i got a little excited on the celebration," Elias said.

Zubrus scored his second goal of the night at 18:26 when he carried the puck in over the blue line and drilled a slapper from the left circle through Bernier. Sykora picked up his second assist of the game.

It was a memorable performance from a right winger who could've left the game with an injury and a left winger who might have stayed in bed with the flu.

"I didn't know for sure (Sykora would play) until after warmup," coach Pete DeBoer said. "He called this afternoon and said he was feeling better, but we wanted to get him through warmup and see if he could make it through and then he decided he could play."

The first thing I thought when I saw that photo of Petr leaping onto Zubrus was that he's excited to be back in the NHL. :P But now I look at it and think, oh man, he's totally infecting Zubrus with the flu! I love that Patty is always giving him shit. "He looks sick all the time" LOL. But then he had to take care of him! I wonder what that means exactly. Got him a glass of water? I assume this means they're roomies, which makes me happy. :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
Sykora gets up from sick bed to help Devils beat Kings, 3-0

Devils coach Pete DeBoer said he didn’t know for sure until after warm-ups that Petr Sykora would be able to play in tonight’s game against the Kings.

Perhaps Sykora, who woke up this morning with flu-like symptoms, should play sick more often. He teamed with Patrik Elias and Dainius Zubrus on a newly-formed line that produced all of the Devils’ offense in a 3-0 victor over the Los Angeles Kings tonight at Staples Center.

Zubrus scored two goals, Elias had a goal and an assist and Sykora had a pair of assist. All of that came within a span of 5:14 late in the second period.

Sykora said he spent most of the day in bed resting. He was able to eat something, though, before the game.

“I felt OK,” Sykora said. “When you get going, you just get going. You have no choice. You have to go. That’s the way it is.”

DeBoer was glad Sykora was able to go. He wasn’t sure when Sykora stayed back at the team hotel for the morning skate.

“He called this afternoon and said he was feeling better, but we wanted to get him through warm-up to see if he could make it through,” DeBoer said. “Then, he decided he could play.”

DeBoer understandably liked what he saw from that line tonight.

“They just clicked right from the start,” DeBoer said. “I think putting Zubrus back on the wing where he’s more comfortable, I think he did a great job winning puck battles. Patrik has been off to a great start and I think that was Petr’s best game for us to date. So, they were on tonight.”

“I think we were creating even the games before and nothing went in,” said Sykora. “And finally in 5-on-5 hockey some of the pucks went in for us. In the first period, we created a couple of chances. Zubie had a great shot and (Jonathan Bernier) made a great save on him and we just kept going.

“I think all of the lines were creating. Tonight was our line where the puck went in. I felt all four lines were creating a lot of 5-on-5 chances.”

Elias thought the line was at its best in the first two periods.

“We created pretty good opportunities in the first too and in the second we just capitalized on those,” Elias said. “It was nice.”

It was difficult to get a straight answer out of Elias about Sykora playing tonight after being sick earlier in the day.

“Heart and soul,” Elias said of Sykora.

Of Sykora’s nickmame, “Sykie”, Elias joked, “It’s kind of fitting. He looks like he’s sick all the time.”

When I asked Elias if he knew Sykora would be able to play tonight, he replied, “I had to actually take care of him. I don’t know. I think he just wanted the morning skate off. That’s all.”

Elias was more straightforward in talking about how Zubrus contributed to their line.

“Zubie was tremendous on the forecheck,” Elias said. “He pretty much went after most of the pucks, most of the chips, most of the dump-ins and created space for us and was so strong he always got the puck and we created chances out of that. And he got rewarded with a couple of goals.”

It was the pressure and steal by Zubrus that led the Elias’ goal. Zubrus forced Anze Kopitar into coughing up the puck in the left circle and then got the puck to Elias. From there, Elias passed back to Andy Greene and headed to the right circle where he eventually received a cross-ice feed from Sykora for the finish.

“Zubie made a great play turning the puck over and was patient trying to make a pass to me,” Elias said. “I looked right at the goalie and the D stepping out a little bit, so I didn’t have much room to do anything, so I saw Sykie and Greene coming and just fed it out there.

“It was a beautiful play. I got a little excited in the celebration.”

Zubrus said it was easy to play with Sykora and Elias.

“When you play with guys like Patty and Sykie, it’s easier to read the guys and anticipate what’s going to happen,” Zubrus said. “You talk on the bench and you kind of understand each other and are on the same page. Once you have the puck, they can make some plays and they can read plays well. I thought we did a pretty good job in our end.”

Zubrus ended up with a fat upper lip from the wobbling Simon Gagne shot that hit him in the first period. He was fortunate it was not worse than that because he was wearing a mouth guard, but said that Gagne didn’t get a lot on the shot because the puck was rolling.

“I think if it was flat, it probably would have hit me in the pads or somewhere lower,” he said. “But the puck was rolling, so that’s why it ended up going up like that.”

Posted by Tom Gulitti on 10/26 at 12:38 AM

Mostly the same content as the previous article, but also includes Patty saying that he "got a little excited in the celebration". I need to watch the game and check it out!

And now on to JMFJ stuff. Abby linked me to a video of the Kings talking about their worst Halloween costumes, and JMFJ talked about the Tigger costume!!!!!! Apparently his younger brother (who was 2 or 3 at them probably) wanted to go as Winnie the Pooh and since he was taking him trick or treating, he wanted JMFJ to dress up as Tigger. He humiliated himself for his younger brother! ♥ (I am very relieved that the Tigger costume wasn't his idea)

joolzie: Aww :) The only way that could possibly be cuter is if his brother was Piglet!

abby20 uncovered some photos of JMFJ with his Ferrari and I found the source. They were taken by a freelance photographer (presumably for a magazine article or something and not just because JMFJ decided he needed to bring a photographer with him to buy a car) and he actually look surprisingly nice (for him)! joolzie said it was the afterglow of buying the car. :P

I'm a bit disappointed with the third episode of American Horror Story. It's going more down the lines of being "just" a ghost story and straying from the horror elements that were so creepy in the first episode. I guess on the bright side I wasn't freaked out in the house in the dark. I'm weirded out that SVU now has non-ridiculous, quality plots again, like the S7ish ones. Maybe they're trying to compensate for the absence of Stabler.

I installed the second 1.5 TB drive in my PC DVR last night and now have 882 hours of recording space. I have two more 1.5 TB drives to install and they replaced my busted 2 TB drive with a 2.5 TB one. So I could conceivably have almost 9 TB of hard drive space in there if I add those three drives in. Insanity.

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