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Happy 1000th game, Joe!

Joe Thornton played in his 1000th game tonight! His mommy and daddy were at the game and on the glass in pregame warm ups with a handmade sign. It wasn't just a marker, the numbers were made of like, different textured materials and things. It was adorable.

It was also Marty Havlat's debut with the Sharks! He doesn't look weird at all in a Sharks jersey, but it's really strange to have him after all these years and see him skating around all Marty-like. He played really well I think, and he works well with Clowe and Logan. Good to see Clowe finally get rewarded for his work and good play. He needs to do better with the chances he works for, though. Mr. Pavelski is so clutch.

Of the new shows this season, I am loving American Horror Story and really look forward to Revenge, The Secret Circle and Prime Suspect (although that looks like it's probably going to be cancelled *sigh*). Terra Nova is enjoyable and I haven't watched anything beyond the pilot yet, but Hart of Dixie seems sweet, Ringer and Pan Am seem pretty decent. This is already much better than last season, when the only new series I liked (that survived) was Nikita. Well, The Walking Dead too, I guess, but that was more like a miniseries.

I was thinking about the 49ers in the shower (they're playing well, okay?) and how pleased I am that Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis have really emerged as leaders of the team and when Josh Morgan broke his ankle, it was the two of them who helped him off the field. And then I started having slashy thoughts about them. *shamefaced*

But then they did an interview with Vernon Davis and talked about how he was the only guy who had supported Alex Smith for the past two years and he said that he was roommates with him in training camp and talked about looking in his eyes and uhh... yeah.

[ Edit: I just watched last week's After Hours and I like this Ryan Nugent-Hopkins kid. I didn't like Scott Oake suggesting Ryan Nugent-Hopkins mpreg though. :( ]

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