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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Now that her arc is done, can they kill her off?

Hawaii Five-0 spoiler ahead.

Umm, well, technically since I called this two weeks ago, is it still a spoiler? Ayup, Kono is not a dirty cop. Grace Park unfortunately is a bad actress, though. Or maybe she's just acting like a cop who is really bad at pretending to be dirty, in which case the criminal mastermind is a fucking moron. I guess he's played by a Baldwin brother, so.

What an incredibly shitty story arc. Bring back Wo Fat already. They keep teasing me with Kono's seeming death and then letting her live. At least Daniel Dae Kim is getting more lines.

Now when I watch House, I imagine backcheck saying Charlyne Yi's lines and I totally crack up. Especially when she said, "Do you want me to put (the shoes) on while you masturbate?" But her character is awesome, though. I'd love for her to become a regular.

New American Horror Story tonight! But I'm a big chicken so I'll watch it in the daytime or I might have trouble sleeping.

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I think Grace Park is a fantastic actress, but I don't watch Hawaii 5-0 (except for the clip with the love hands, because seriously???) and I am also biased.

It's possible she just has limited range because she is awful on the show. It's like SyFy Original movie standard of acting. It's a very poorly written role but man, quit the show, fight with the writers, or try to make the best of the situation, don't just mail it in every week.

I was thinking of you watching 5-O the other night, because, YES. It was pretty patently OBVIOUS she wasn't dirty.

Plus, she's been replaced. Go away, Kono.

They do telegraph things in TV shows a lot, e.g. having the camera linger on the reporter on Castle and he turns out to be a suspect much later. But this was not even believable from the very beginning. Worst undercover cop ever.

It bugs me. Like, did they write themselves into a corner with her? I don't think her character couldn't be saved. I feel like that story arc, while I would have suspected she was being set up to go undercover, could at least have been interesting if she'd done a better acting job. Lori is cool, but is it mostly because the writers made her more interesting? Or because that isn't a bad actress?

the thing is if they are going to have her there as eye candy that knows how to kick ass give her plots about that. Make her the body guard of the society princess, or undercover in a clothes store or anything that doesn't require range.

Agree totally. And they were doing that a bit to start when she was always the sexy bait. But then when they gave her actual lines, even though they were few, they were still terrible. :(

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