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The Invincible M.A.E.

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As sleep-deprived as Jason Smith

Insomnia sucks.

People in the hockey community do not.

Devils-Ducks Final. You know you want it.
At least, just so Elias and Sykora can spend some quality time together, whether it's off the ice with a chinchilla or on the ice beating each other to death.

And that way we don't have to drive across the country to get the chinchilla that we have not, as yet, kidnapped. It's a win-win-win situation. Except for the team that loses.


*shrieks* *remembers Lira's scenario* Yeah, where Whore says, "Dude, it's watching us."

Fuck, I need sleep. *cries* Why can't I sleep?

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Hockey community rocks.

We gotta kidnap the chinchilla. *grin*

Fuck the chinchilla. (Oh, eww.) We gotta kidnap Petr. :)

Whore says "dude"? *cracks up*


And shrieking! *g*

Ahh, damn you for making me like him! I didn't before that! *giggle*

Ahh, you're totally right! *punts Whore*

I guess not. Hey, where are your pants?

that community does rock and dude *pets you to sleep*

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