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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I love Alyn

Alyn didn't say anything dorky on Shark Byte. I was disappointed. He just laughed at being 6 inches shorter than Wayne Primeau. There are tufts of hair sticking out the collar of his shirt. Damn, I think he probably does have a mat of luxuriant chest hair. They showed footage of him sticking his tongue out and winking in a twitchy way. So complimentary. He's going to miss his daughter's first birthday, poor guy.

*cries* Gravey talking about the "power" in Drew's legs.

Why did Drew have to say, "I'll take anything on top right now!" *cries again*

Ahh, some people are such good writers! I'm never fucking writing again! *weeps*

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Eee, thanks for sharing. :)

The Alyn in my head will remain hairless boyman though, despite your observation! I can't really cope with the idea of him being so visible virile. Aaah.

His dorkiness negates the chest hair. Sort of like Petr Sykora and his rampant hairiness are okay because of how dorky he is.

I can buy that. I like to think of him as more nice than dorky though... I'll just keep the nice, moderately-haired Alyn to myself. ;)

Pete is sing-songing "Bork dork bork dork bork dork" now. Raa. You all torture me. :)

He is definitely more nice than dorky. :)

LOL!!! Swedish dork!

LOL!!! Swedish dork!

Ack! Ugh, snork, I'm ... Y'know, they say that 'dork' is the official term for a whale's penis. I'm not sure I believe that, but .. Ack, mental image! Killing me!

That makes it even funnier. :)

(Deleted comment)
*giggle* I'll tell you when I see you. :)

*hugs Gravey* :D and Alyn!

Meep no more mae fic *gg* *cries*

Teeheeheee. :) The chest hair started to show during last year's playoffs. He became a MAN during those playoffs. *sigh* ...

*dies* Even though he was like ... 25? *giggle* I love that interpretation!!! I think I agree with it. :)

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