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Coach protocol?

Has anyone watched both the US and UK versions of Prime Suspect? How are they similar and how are they different?

Man, this was the first time I watched a 49ers game and actually got nervous! To the point of being shaky, even. Even with a minute left to play, I still didn't feel safe because I know that Calvin Johnson is that long bomb threat. This team has so changed so much. They certainly made mistakes (Alex Smith's interception, tons of penalties, especially false starts) but they just bounced back and kept playing when in previous years they would get demoralized. It could have all just gone downhill given that the Lions forced a fumble on the 49ers very first play.

The defense was so good. They forced a ton of three and outs and I thought the red zone defense was great. Patrick Willis continues to be the best player on the team IMO, and Crabtree is starting to make some big receptions. I was concerned after watching the Lions tear it up last week, but the defense did really well.

Alex had a quieter game and he did have that fumble and interception, but he also made that crucial play with the game on the line. 4th and goal and he makes the pass to Delanie Walker for the winning touchdown (just barely). I've never seen him make the pivotal play to win a game in a meaningful game before.

At the end of the game, Harbaugh gave the Lions coach an overly exuberant handshake and back slap. It looked a bit off to me when I saw it, but then the Lions coach chased Harbaugh down and then players thought something was happening and got involved and then other players got involved, and it looked like a fight almost broke out. Going to have to go with what Dungy (I think) said about Harbaugh possibly doing some wrong, but not warranting the reaction he got.

The 49ers are 5-1. They actually look like a good team. I don't really know what to do with myself. I wasn't in the US when they had their dynasty and I wasn't even watching sports when they were still pretty good. They've always been the sad sack 49ers to me. It's been satisfying to watch all of the high draft picks over the years develop into great players, though. :)

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