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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Chance Harbor seems to be teen pregnancy capital of the US

I'm catching up on The Secret Circle and the most confusing thing about the show is how all all six kids on the show have parents who had them as teenagers and this is apparently not noteworthy. ;) All the kids had at least one parent die in the same fire, and the news article says that "local teens" were the victims. Are there a lot of quaint seaside towns where everyone has kids as teenagers? Uhh, besides Gloucester? :P

I also got spoiled on a main character death by Googling the show. :( Not from clicking through anything, but in the actual subject title in the search results. Boo. The show is pretty interesting overall, even though I don't particularly like any of the characters. The mythology has a lot of elements that appeal to me: mystical powers that pass through hereditary lines, mysterious catastrophic historical events, demonic possession. I wonder what happens to the circle now, though.

Enjoyed the second episode of American Horror Story, although I missed the little disjoint images they'd insert quickly in scenes, like Tate saying "helter skelter". The opening credits are awesome, very Nine Inch Nails-like.

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Ugh, I continue to forget to watch American Horror Story. It's like the perfect thing to be watching in time for Halloween. Besides Hocus Pocus, that is.

The first episode is online! It's creepier than I thought it would be given that it's a TV show.

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