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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alex Smith

Bye bye, Angels

I watched the American Horror Story pilot and really liked it! I do love weird stuff though, and I have a love/hate relationship with horror. I'm generally not a fan of the whole quick cuts and sudden zooms thing but it works for this show. Revenge was picked up for the season! *cheers* Does this mean that Eric won't be coming back to Gossip Girl? Charlie's Angels was cancelled, unsurprisingly. They did a good job with the action sequences, especially the fight scenes, but everything else was terrible.

There's an article about Alex Smith and whether he's actually better, and if he is, if Harbaugh is responsible for that. What I found more interesting was an article it linked to from last season where Singletary had benched him and Vernon Davis made him turn around and go fight to stay in the game. And Frank Gore wanted him to stay in too. It means a lot that his teammates were that supportive of him. Maybe it just means they think that David Carr (backup QB at the time) really sucks. But I choose to believe they really like Alex. :P

I am so sleepy. Hooray for the weekend!!! :D

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fight scenes are SO much better than they were. I'm not even talking like 60's Catain Kirk vs today. I mean even 'joke' action shows are better than things in the 80's. I mean night rider? mcguyver? Dear Lord.

Absolutely. The standard has been raised so high that a TV show would just be completely ridiculous if it had those old school fight scenes. TV was kind of crap until the '90s, anyway, I don't understand why people watch reruns of "classic" TV shows.

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