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No wonder Zynga is so successful

So I mostly stayed away from the Facebook games thing until some of my favourite people needed neighbours to visit. :P So I added Pet Society, Restaurant City, Hotel City and Cafe World just so I could interact with my oldest sister, who was bouncing between Perth and Singapore at the time. (No kidding, that was my primary medium for interacting with her, haha). I quit all of them at the same time because one day I was really sleep-deprived and busy at work and I felt like all of these games were becoming a drag and an obligation rather than fun. Recently, I installed Dinertown Zoo on my iPhone and it's essentially a Facebook-type game and I don't know why I keep playing it.

I've also been playing tons of My Kingdom for the Princess 3. It feeds my building/resource gathering/optimization needs while not requiring too much brainpower, hehe.

Haven has been renewed for S3!!! This makes me so very happy. :D

There was an unexpectedly emotional moment during Burn Notice where Michael is trying to get information from someone and he has to hit his mom to sell an act to them, and his dad used to hit his mom so they're both really issuey about it and they didn't go overly dramatic or anything, just conveyed everything with their expressions.

On Monday there were 2 baseball playoff games, one of which went into extra innings and I chose to watch Monday Night Football instead (although I was able to follow the games with At Bat on my phone). I'm not a fantasy football person or anything, but I just don't particularly like any of the remaining teams.

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