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I have given this stuff entirely too much thought

So I was going to get Alex's "old" iPhone 4 after he gets his iPhone 4S (most likely this Friday), but then Tessa dropped her phone on the floor and it cracked. :P It was pretty much a brand new phone too, cos' her phone had a lot of issues with the home button and Apple had just given her a new one. So she'll be getting that phone unless she makes the switch to Verizon (which she's been talking about ever since she had zero reception at the hospital where Alex had his appendectomy), in which case she'll need to buy a new phone anyway.

Chip gave me his old iPhone 3GS (which he claims doesn't work properly sometimes but only when he sweats into it--trying not to think too hard about that) and I could start using that instead, but then I'd have to get a new data plan and would be locked into a new 2-year contract without taking advantage of the phone upgrade discount. I could get an iPhone 4 for $99 or an iPhone 4S (with a 1-2 week wait!) for $199. Siri and better camera/video would be reasons to go for the 4S over the 4. Siri is interesting to me because sometimes it's just faster to say stuff than to type it. :P

JMFJ scored in OT in the first game in Sweden! Hooray! Donuts had lots to say to JMFJ in the goal celebration huddle after Kopi's PPG. JMFJ turned the puck over leading directly to a goal in Berlin! Boo! Donuts took a penalty at the end of the game and was down on one knee and JMFJ skated over and literally tapped his ass (heh heh) with his stick.

Alex Smith is the 3rd ranked QB (in terms of QB rating) in the league ahahahahahaha. Seriously, I'm still too shocked about the score of that Tampa game to be properly happy about it.

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