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Thanks, Jim Harbaugh

OMG the 49ers destroyed the Buccaneers 48-3. And this wasn't a crappy ass team or anything, it was a 3-1 team coming into this game. I was out having lunch when I checked the score and saw it was 21-3 at the end of the first half and was surprised enough. I figured there was at least one, probably 2 Bucs turnovers and sure enough there was an interception return and a turnover on the SF 20. :P I'll have to watch the recorded game, but I'm seriously shocked. Who would have thought that next week's 49ers/Lions game was going to be between 2 teams with such good records? :P

I'm really happy that Alex Smith gets to enjoy some success with the team after coming back to the team despite being booed at home last season. I listened to an interview where he said it would have been easy to leave and go somewhere else, which is what pretty much everyone in his situation has done in the past. But he said it felt right to come back. *sniffle*

A talk show guy described Alex Smith as this cute little puppy at the animal shelter who's been abused and you go, "aww, so cute!" and try to pet it, and when you touch it it runs away and pees itself in fear. And Jim Harbaugh is the new oner who shows it love and kindness. It's actually a surprisingly apt analogy. :P

Man. 3 TDs and no interceptions for Alex. I am so proud. And you know, you'd think that after last week's great win, everyone would get all excited and think, oh hey, the 49ers are actually going to do something season, and then they would disappoint terribly. But they went and exceeded expectations.

Hmm, I'm up to the start of the 2nd quarter now and I think we just broke the Bucs by getting that interception return right after the Gore fumble on the SF 11.

The Rick Rypien tribute before the Jets game made me cry. The montage was really well done and they picked a good song for it (even if it was a country song). It was kinda' funny that his mommy threw the puck down and bounced it though. :) The 2 captains took it in stride.

CBC no longer blocks US IPs from watching After Hours! This is really great because that person on YouTube had stopped uploading them, and there was no other way for me to watch when Sharks were on the show (because of local blackouts). They also replay them on NHL Network the next morning. MAF (Marc-Andre Fleury) is such a funny little guy. Apparently ESPN had asked him to be in the body issue (i.e. pose nude like Kesler) but he declined because he's not a big "buffy" guy, even though Pens management (i.e. CREEPY MARIO) encouraged him to do it. Then later, I swear he was talking about Brent Johnson (his backup) and said "He was a guy who turned me on."

I love how they do this thing before games in Germany where they show the starting lineup on the Jumbotron and the announcer says the guy's first name and the crowd shouts the last name in response. I would love to do something like that here! :)

I'm very pleased with Fringe and Person of Interest so far and I like Prime Suspect a lot. I have this no procedurals policy (cos' really I watch way too much TV already), but I keep letting stuff slip through. What can I say? I like shows with female leads. :)

Nice to see the Sharks get a decisive win to start the season. I loved Brent Burns' game. He played well and didn't try to do too much, which was my concern after being traded from the only NHL team he's ever played for, and signing a long extension. All the babies played so well too! Everyone was good! Who would have thought that the Sharks would score 6 goals and Joe wouldn't have a point?

I've been playing Dinertown Zoo a lot the past couple of days. It's essentially Zoo Tycoon done as a Facebook game. I wonder if people will basically abandon Facebook games for their smartphone counterparts since you always have your phone with you.

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