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The Invincible M.A.E.

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More people have maids than cars

Life in Singapore is really a different world. One of my sisters just sold her shitty car for $41k and bought a new one for something like... $150k. It's the lowest end Audi A4. My other sister had to take an online course because she's a first-time employer of a maid. they introduced this requirement because it's so common for people to abuse their maids. (And it's common for people to have them. Pretty much all families do.)

Really enjoying the return of House and Fringe! I love that they're always trying to do something new with House even though it's just a procedural. And I'm glad they haven't ditched the episodic format for Fringe because I like that more and most fans just clamour for more mythology episodes (which is what I thought ruined X-Files.)

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(Deleted comment)
At least the high price of cars makes traffic manageable. And maids make it easy for parents to neglect their children. ;)

Frankly from having worked a few service industry jobs (more in the kitchen side of things and many years ago) a few more online courses about how not to be a dick would be a good ideas!

Oh, this is not about people being mean to their maids, which is totally acceptable to the government. It's when people BEAT them. I remember horror stories like people burning their maids with irons!

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