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I'm ecstatic too!

Petr signed a 1-year deal with the Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!

Devils sign Petr Sykora after impressive tryout
Published: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 8:27 AM Updated: Wednesday, October 05, 2011, 11:57 AM
By Rich Chere/The Star-Ledger

Petr Sykora has completed his improbable comeback.

The 34-year-old winger agreed to a one-year, $650,000 contract with the Devils today and will be on the club's opening night roster after a successful training camp tryout.

"I'm ecstatic," Sykora told The Star-Ledger. "Of course I'm very happy. It's something that seemed very far away a couple of weeks ago and it happened."

He scored two goals in four preseason games and was impressive during team scrimmages, scoring a hat trick in one to impress coach Pete DeBoer from the start.
Although he knew it was a longshot, Sykora said he kept the faith.

"Yes, I did believe. I always believed," he said. "I just took it day by day. I got a chance to play with a lot of good players."

Sykora will physically sign the contract today. The Devils practice in Newark this morning.

I didn't think that he would be signed, but I hoped it would happen! :D Hehe, the Petr, Patty and Parise line was potentially dubbed "PEZ".

The latest episode of Terra Nova was about the colonists being attacked by flying dinosaurs. I think Donuts would have crapped his pants if he watched this episode, it was very much like The Birds. I enjoyed it. It's very harmless, lightweight sci-fi which is kind of a refreshing change because sci-fi over the past 20 years or so seems to have tilted toward the darker, ethically and morally conflicted hero/storylines and sometimes it's nice to have some fluffy fun. That being said, I do like the promise of something going on beyond just the stated goal of colonizing a new world. (New character has an East London-ish accent or something. I don't like it.)

I continue to be surprised by how much I like Alphas (although I wouldn't quite put it into OMG I LOVE THIS!!! territory) and they've gotten really cool guest stars on the show. They had Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cast members as guest stars in consecutive weeks (Summer Glau and John Henry) and they also had an episode with Commander Data and nosebleed girl from Lost. I just wish they would force her to use an American accent, which she's totally competent at cos' I've seen her in some TV show where she used it. She's got one of those British accents that veer close to Australian.

Yes, I'm fussy about accents. :P

[ Edit: Sad that The Closer is ending, but happy to learn about the spin-off! I really like that Captain Raydor character and the way she was so annoying at first, but now I like her, and her character has been consistent throughout. She really is always trying to do the right thing, and that can come off badly sometimes. ]

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