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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I can't hear Pujols' name without thinking of crankygeek. Thanks.

Alphas impresses me even though I was really unenthusiastic about it to start. I'm tired of the whole super human thing that's already been done in X-Men, Heroes and The 4400 (which I think had the most interesting ideas/approach), but I really like the characters and the purposeful storyline. One of the guys (Mr. Nigel-Murray!) is autistic, but he's great, and more complex than the typical Rain Man autism portrayal. I love Rachel, who's Persian and they show that but without the annoying forced diversity (OH LOOK WE ARE BEING SO SOCIALLY AWARE) air to it. The other three are a nice mix of powers/personality too.

The "advancement" of Grace Park's "storyline" on Hawaii Five-0 is that having been suspended, she's now turning to the dark side. When she talks to Daniel Dae Kim, she's all kind of cynical and "I've given up", which I guess is supposed to be a drastic change from her "character". Umm, but she doesn't actually have a character, so it's like, meh. This is probably just going to turn out to be her taking advantage of the IA investigation to go undercover and infiltrate a criminal organization. Her "conflicted" expression at the end when she's using Daniel Dae Kim's account to get info was so bad. Ugh. I know her character is poorly written, but as an actress she could at least try to make the best of it. Alex O'Loughlin is a bad actor, but at least he has a certain consistency and comforting charm to him.

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They've come up with lots of really good episode ideas!

Ugh, Hawaii 5.0. It is so tremendously faily right now, I can't even. Like, are they serious with this shit? I'm thinking about giving up on it, for real. I didn't like the season finale of season 1, and season two promises even more unprecedented levels of fail, so. I don't know. Hope the writers get their heads out of their asses.

All of my big, deep feelings are better expressed in this post by someone who hit all the key points of fail: http://leupagus.livejournal.com/94854.html

Well, it has been a terrible show from the beginning, really, I don't think it's much worse right now. :P It has always been stupid and nonsensical, but the interactions between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are fun, which saves it (kind of like Supernatural).

They actually saved the S1 finale, amazingly, from how awful it seemed it was going to be. I don't know, it's kind of pointless to go through all of the characters as if they are plausible and analyze them. It's like trying to discuss the nutritive value of soda.

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