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Will I ever see Brent Burns' bare feet?

I just "watched" the first period of the Kings/Hamburg game online. Donuts looks very quick! He was knocked on his ass a couple of times halfway into the first period and didn't tie up his guy on the first goal scored by Hamburg on the PP. He looked ashamed. On the second hit, well, it wasn't so much a hit as a guy jumping on him and trying to have sex with him, as Ruslan Salei (RIP) would say.

So, I looked through the Brent Burns segment for goofy faces, but I couldn't find any. :( Either he only looks goofy on the ice, or the people filming the segment were like, "Oh God, what is wrong with his face? Let's show some action scenes instead of his face here!"

So my icon is one of him smiling. I'll replace it as soon as I get a shot of him looking stupid. :D

As I watch his interviews, I find he really reminds me of Spezza. Something about the ditziness, the ending (or interrupting) of sentences with half-giggles, the Ontarioness... Here's the segment:

Chronicle Live Interview

Sharks on Twitter. Brent Burns, Clowe and Logan talk about why they have Twitter, Demers and Pavelski talk about why they do not, and Joe talks about how he's an old man and Logan and Clowe had to explain Twitter to him.

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