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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Wow, the 49ers came back from down 20-3 to beat the Eagles 24-23!!!!!!!!!! :O I was actually brought to tears, and not in a bad way! *gasp*

Okay, so the Eagles screwed up the game by missing 2 field goals that should have been givens, but this is still miraculous for the 49ers, who are usually the ones who fuck up and lose games that they should have won.

Great to see Gore have an awesome game, but the most satisfying thing was seeing how happy Alex Smith was after the game. *cries*

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(Deleted comment)
It was actually 23-3, I think I blocked out a field goal. I was kind of laughing at how the Lions game turned out. I'm not a Tony Romo fan. :P Worst collapse in Cowboys history, LOL.

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