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She also likes caviar and smoked salmon

I watched the pilot of Pan Am and enjoyed it. It seemed to have pretty good period authenticity (in the hair, makeup and uhh... manners?), not that I was alive in the '60s or anything, and I liked all the main characters, especially the French one. The spy storyline was good too, but I'm afraid that will end up overshadowing the other storylines.

The Playboy Club continues to be stupid/fun/anachronistic. My only complaint is that they need to get the bunny costumes fitted better. Watched episode 2 of Hawaii Five-0. Oh sure, give the hot white woman a role more interesting in one episode than anything Grace Park has done in all of S1. RACISTS. :P

I bought the MLB At Bat iPhone app. It's only $5 for the post-season and I figure I can use it to listen to games while at work. I like that they put up video highlights of plays every half-inning, and I like the condensed video highlights. They just use the game sound so you can hear people swearing all over the place, LOL.

Last night Alex gave Tati some cheese to put in her burrito and she asked if it was organic. :P
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