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It's not real until the season starts

I was reading Twitter yesterday or the day before and I think Devin tweeted something about a "tough loss" and I thought, oh hey, we finally lost in the pre-season. And then I realized that no, we didn't, it's just that Devin doesn't play for us anymore. :(

I have the Modano special and Marty and Clowe's interview encoded but didn't have time to upload this morning. I'll do it when I get home. The Modano one is over 300MB so I can't use Sendspace (which is what I usually use) and I'm thinking of using Megaupload instead. Is that decent? What's your favourite large file upload/sharing site and why?

I'll upload the Marty interview to my sekrit YouTube account because it takes place outside a baseball park and the fucking MLB nazis will probably have it taken down. *mumble* *grumble* He is looking really good, though! The Bay Area must agree with him. :P (However, *covers Joolzie's eyes* his arms are REALLY hairy.)
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