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Argh, I totally missed the chance to stalk Marty (Havlat) today! I knew that every "Say Hey" Tuesday Chronicle Live is at the Giants game, and that Marty was going to be on Chronicle Live today, but I didn't connect the dots in my brain. :(

I couldn't have done that much stalking anyway because I had Tati with me but maybe I could have taken a photo or something. Wah. :(

Oh man, I'm watching now and Marty is so fucking hot. Ack! And even though he's sitting down at a table he's doing the dizzifying thing where he looks down and then up really rapidly. And gushing about Brent Burns! (Although no mention of his bare feet). Oh God, there was NOBODY THERE!!! *cries* I could have stalked him so much!!!

... it occurs to me that they probably totally forced him to watch the game. :P

Although it's a good one to be at. Brandon Belt got a splash hit and Conor Gillaspie just scored an inside-the-park home run. He was so tired that he didn't even smile and looked vaguely nauseous, LOL!

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