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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Patrick Kane

Hooray, it's Friday!

Go read herwhereabouts' fic about Kane and Toews being married (LOL, no really). It's hilarious. Umm, except for Em. You will probably be scarred. :P

I can't believe the new TV season has started up already. I haven't even finished watching some TV shows from last season. Right now I'm just watching Southland non-stop. At first I thought it was too short, but now I'm a fan of the 10-13 episode season. I feel like it tends to result in higher quality episodes with less filler. I'm trying to think of a 22-episode season TV show that I really liked this past year, but all I'm coming up with is The Vampire Diaries. Maybe House?

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Thank you for the rec! I thoroughly enjoyed the fic. I so love long fics that are written well. :)

She did a great job, especially with that premise! :)


I am thinking about watching Vamp. Diaries, too, because my friend thinks it's amazing.


At first I was unenthusiastic because I didn't like the premise of the show that much. Yet another vampire show where the vampire falls in love with this non-vampire girl because she's uhh... pretty. But they just did such a good job with developing the relationships and pacing things and putting surprises in. And Damon is hilarious (later on in the show).

you need there to be a tv strike so you can catch up, frankly me too, lets make that happen.

Last TV season wasn't too bad because there weren't that many shows I was interested in. Perhaps half of this year's will be crappy. :P

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