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Happy Programmer Day! 1111 1111

Today is Programmer Day! It's about time we got our own day.

From the Programmer Day FAQ:
Q: When is Programmer Day?
A: Programmer Day is the 256th day of every year, September 13th or the 12th on leap years.

Q:Why the 256th Day of the year?
A: A byte can have 256 possible values, bytes are very important to programmers. Not because they are required for programs to work, but because the payroll system and Krispy Kreme doughnut cash registers require them.

Q: How is Programmer Day celebrated?
A: Anyway you want! Here are some suggestions:
Speak in code (or pseudocode) all day - Thanks to Sam Pospischil!
Decorate a tree with zeros and ones to make a binary tree
Make Happy Programmer Day cards using ASCII art
Have a contest for the best binary pun / programming joke

Q: Your logo has 1111 1111 that's 255, not 256, right?
A: While 1111 1111 = 255 as a direct conversion, it's the 256th value so it is correct. January 1st is 0000 0000 so if you celebrate Programmer Day on the 255th day you're guilty of an off by one error.

Well, wasn't that hilarious? *crickets* *tumbleweed*

In other news, there's a new food provider at the cafeteria here and the awesome grill cook hasn't been here the past two days. I braved trying out the new guy because there was literally nothing else to eat and he ruined eggs over easy. The yolks were cooked all the way through the eggs were coated in some... black/brown stuff. The hash browns were cold and soggy. The bacon was good at least. But I'm very sad now. :(

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