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He did a great job by not fucking up!

I went to Wine Country today and tasted a lot of yummy wine and sparkling wine. I forgot to set my TiVo to record the 49ers game and when I did it online from a phone, I ended up recording the wrong game. :( I'm kind of sad because the 49ers actually won, and it was a pretty close game! (At least until Ted Ginn got a kick return and a punt return in the last 4 minutes of the game.)

I feel like I say this every season, but I hope that this will be a good season for Alex Smith. He's been through so much, personally and professionally, and I want to see his perseverance rewarded. I (cautiously) like Jim Harbaugh because he did a good job coaching Stanford. I know that generally college football success for coaches doesn't translate into NFL success, but... I'm a 49ers fan, all I have is hope LOL.

Brent Burns tweeted that he was going on a bike ride starting in downtown Saratoga and extended an open invitation for people to join him! 8 people showed up. That's so cool he did that, and I hope that he knew that this isn't the place where psychos could show up and didn't just have blind faith. :P

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