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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alyn scored his first goal tonight as a Shark! I archived it to video tape for posterity. No, I didn't archive his ass. *ahem* He was awesome the whole game, too! *bursts with love*

Vesa! So pretty and he can stop goals! He stopped Jarome on a penalty shot! *weeps with love*

We won? *giggles insanely*

Still inspired up the wazoo and I love it. :)

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The fact that the Sharks are taking chances with Alyn makes me love them.

I kept refering to the Leafs game as 'your game' to my husband tonight. He didn't catch it, but he'll freak when he does.

I want to eat Alyn!

They put him on the top line with Selanne and Marleau the first night he played! :)

Ahh, Alyn is so adorable! And he's going to be in "Shark Byte" on Monday, I'm looking forward to that. :)

I forgot to thank you for telling me about the Sharks-McCauley jersey over in the hockey comm -- that rules! I kind of want one, but I .. um. I think the Sharks jerseys are really ugly.

Anyway! ALyn interviewed! That is very exciting indeed, I wish I could see it! You'll have to post the interesting parts. :)

Actually it was a Leafs jersey. :) *shrieks* I like our jerseys. :P

I definitely will summarize! And quote him if he says things like "little wee guy" again. *giggle*

Eek! The Sharks jerseys are just a little too busy for me. I like really simple, plain symbols. I'm boring!

I anxiously await Alyn-wisdom. :)

You must love the Yotes jerseys then.

I'm gonna watch it tonight, can't wait. :)

Heh. I think the border/mesa thing around the bottom of their jerseys is kind of neat .. but overall, no, I'm not a fan.

I've been weirdly drawn to the Wild sweaters lately. I just think it's so neat that it's a wildlife scene -- no, it's a wildcat -- no, it's a wildlife scene. :)

YAY for Alyn and the Sharkies :) hmm mispelling sharkie gets you a word that is kinda similar to shakira *giggles* ass shasking goodness team!!

Ahh, I would love to watch a Shark booty-shaking contest! I think Alyn would lose though. :P

mmm I'd love to see it too *grin*

*giggle* probably *pets him*

It's okay he would win the dork contest hands down.

dude, yes, vesa was hot.

and there was an Andy!assist. *G*

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